It gets messier: Late Nollywood actress, Bisi Komolafe’s fiance arrested for withholding her property from her family

by Rachel Ogbu

Tunde Ijaduola, fiancé to the late Bisi Komolafe was arrested Tuesday January 22 and detained after he refused to hand over the late actress’s property to her family, new report claims.

Ijaduola who was accused by family members of being responsible for the Komolafe’s death have been battling over Komolafe’s property which Ijaduola allegedly claimed ownership.

He was arrested, at his family house in Epe and is now at the State Anti Robbery Squad office in Ikeja.

Apparently, Ijaduola returned the Honda Pilot car to Bisi’s Ikorodu house last week but still took a TV set which one of Komolaafe’s relative claimed was his inheritance from his late dad, “that’s why we arrested him.”

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