6 lies told about women who have lots of sex

by Krystle Crossman


Women who have a lot of sex are usually not looked at as “classy” women. They are looked down upon and called names. Yet men are able to do the same thing and they are heroes in their friends’ eyes.

There are a lot of myths about women who have a lot of sex and here are six of them:

1. Women are having more sex now than they were 10 years ago:

A study was conducted where college students were asked how many times they “hooked-up” with someone while they were in college. The average number was four to six hook-ups through four or five years of college. And even then some of the students didn’t consider interc0urse to be the main point of a hook-up.

2. The women that have a lot of sex with men are afraid of commitment or do not like the idea of monogamy:

Women don’t cheat because they want to have a lot of sex. According to multiple studies, most do it because they are filling an emotional void that is left by their partner. Men and women both want committed relationships and women say that sex is better with someone you are in a committed relationship with.

3. Women that have a ton of sex are easy:

Actually when most women are looking for something casual they still look for someone with a high set of standards.

4. Women in the US have sex more than any other country:

The US is ranked 13th in a survey about the number of partners that a person has had in their lifetime and 24th in the frequency of sex through the week. So much for that theory!

5. Women have low self-esteem or self-worth if they have a lot of sex:

There are a lot of men and women out there who engage in casual sex because of a mental disorder. Women who practice safe casual sex actually have a great body image and are confident in who they are.

6. Women are hard-wired to be monogamous and men are meant to have a lot of sex with a lot of partners:

Societal norms and pressures are what make this myth so popular, but not necessarily true. Women often feel pressure from their peers and from what society would think of them and may engage in less hook-ups than they would if there were no stigmas.


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