Opinion: Arise o compatriots… which compatriots?

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3 Responses

  1. Debo says:

    Beautiful piece. Great content.
    The piece begins and ends excellently well.

    In my view, the middle portion is a bit too innocent.

  2. Uwaodefa says:

    Whoa! Ok now! Let’s go there! Let’s make this change happen and it can only start with “You”! Let’s do this! Great call-to-action piece! More of this till it sinks in!

  3. ogbu john says:

    I commend writer for the indebt analysis of Nigeria leadership and the suggestions. But one issue appears to escape him. I would wish he do his numerous readers good by addressing the issue of prepared leaders as against opportunistic leader. For since 1967 to date, Nigeria has had the later brand of leadership. While majority stole their way to power through coup, others were installed unprepared by the political king makers as if a dynasty king was being coronated. Public opinion is in dire need to entrench decency in the political recruitment in Nigeria.
    Another danger is insecurity in Nigeria. What must have stopped the CPC presidential aspirant from appearing during the 2011 Presidential Aspirant media debate? No part of Nigeria is safe now. Manhunt every places. Dr Sam O Egwu, the immediate passed Governor of Ebonyi State in a bid to reduce “crises’ in the State, introduced “use the fund of the council area in which there is crisis to settle it”. Let the opportunist leaders in Nigeria start to answer dearly for any death lost in their domain. Otherwise the power mongers will use their ill-gotten money to hire assasains to eliminate their mere passived aspirants. When governors are done with, the President•

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