Opinion: Nigerian girls should be mad

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4 Responses

  1. Nana says:

    Why would I be mad about video vixens? It seems like a waste of time as we all know that it means nothing.
    If I want to be mad, I’ll be mad that the roads are bad, that there’s fuel scarcity, that sambo is using our money to build a house, mad that those in power are so disconnected from the people they ‘represent’.
    To be mad implies that passion is involved, that I care.
    Girl, those videos only make me laugh.

  2. Oseiwe Ibhagui says:

    You are absolutely on point OP. Nigerians have an overwhelming underlying sense of low self-esteem.
    However abeg I do speak with a little “foreign” accent as I recognise that Nigeria has no native language called English and I’m just trying to speak correctly but still naturally.

    Apart from the music video and the general idea of copying AMERICAN ways, I think Nigerian music is the only part of this country that has truly made real progress.


  3. princessa says:

    Thank you and God bless u.D same reason I dnt watch music videos!anytym I do,I ask d same question.Y r gurls nt mad abt dis degredation of womanhood?d same reason most gurls bleach dia skin thinking “fair”women r more attractive or successful…Gr8 piece bro

  4. Sarah O model says:

    Great write up, very true and saddening.

    -Love from a black uk naija vixen

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