READ: Naked women on Big Brother Africa? By God, the UK Sun is shocked – SHOCKED!


Big Brother viewers in Africa can sign up to a special VIP service which allows them to watch the show’s contestants washing naked in the bathroom.

The sordid “private pass”, which costs a one-off fee of 70 South African Rand (£5), gives subscribers access to footage of the housemates under the covers, after dark and during “shower hour”.


Pokello Nare could be seen washing herself in the bath

Sordid … Pokello Nare could be seen washing herself in the bath
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This week the uncut scenes have included clips of female housemates Pokello Nare and Cleo in various states of undress in the bathroom.

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Pokello, 27, from Zimbabwe, was seen completely naked bathing in the tub.


Big Brother Africa contestant Cleo showers topless

Paid-for content … Cleo showers topless

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While viewers could watch Cleo, 23, from Zambia, scrubbing herself clean while topless in the shower.

Anyone aged over 18 can sign up to BBVIP to watch the daily hour-long footage of the housemates in the shower or bath.

The private pass also allows subscribers to see unseen clips from the Diary Room, and access behind the scenes video of show guests and evicted housemates.

Big Brother Africa, which features 28 contestants from 14 African nations, is currently airing its eighth series.

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  1. Nigerian journalism is the worst I have seen worldwide. And it baffles me they have carried on unchecked all this while when they have so much heated the polity with their sensational reportage. If the democratic experience is going to fail journalists will play a bigger role. What is the relationship between the headline of this article to the contents. Smh in shame for these so called professionals.

  2. This is demonic.
    God hates nakedness
    It is unbecoming and animalistic for humans to expose their private parts in public.
    BBA is from the pit of hell

  3. Big Brother Africa, a public shameless show of nudity! I wonder what lessons the show teaches! It rather adds to moral decadence in the society!

    • The first episode of BBA was the best, I see this as a rubbish and act of senseless programming of human for money. If you want to open a porn programme, let’s know. They are slums.

  4. What is wrong in showing their nakedness if you know dt u don’t like it don’t just border to look or wash. U should know d purpose of d program and what they do. U don’t just called d participators names and wish d program hell. If u know dis program and u don’t like leave n don’t border to commence on it.

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