10 Things To Do In Lagos This Week

Pottery among things to do in Lagos

Lagos State can be many things, but one thing that we can assure you is that Lagos is not boring. With an unending list of things to do and hundreds of places to visit in the centre of excellence, we at YNaija suggest ten things you can do alone with your partner or friends in Lagos this week.

  1. Visit Art Exhibitions

Several art exhibitions are open in May and will run until June 2024. Entrance to these art galleries is free; all that’s required is that you embrace art in its raw form as you explore the minds of the artists through their art.

  1. Restaurants and cuisine

Burger week is almost upon us, and if you would rather not wait to taste the heaven locked between the buns of burgers served in Lagos restaurants, there are new restaurants with various cuisines you can discover. Why eat rice when you can travel across continents through cuisines made by skilled chefs?

  1. Gaming

For those with a competitive spirit and partners, going out with friends to gaming arcades like ‘Rufus & Bee’ might be a perfect way to let yourself loose as you challenge each other at different games, including bowling.

  1. Take up sculpting lessons

Art comes in various forms, and if you’d prefer to be an artist for a day instead of admiring them in art galleries, you could sign up to attend sculpting lessons on weekends.

  1. Explore nature

The Lekki Conservation Centre is one of the most serene places in Lagos, as it allows you to feel and witness the serenity of nature around you. In a busy and urban city like Lagos, having clean, green places preserved for nature can do a lot to calm your nerves.

  1. Retail therapy

Sometimes, going shopping for yourself or your friends might be the cure that you need to feel like yourself once again as you tick things off your wishlist and add them to your cart. You can walk to some of the fancy supermarkets in Lagos and enjoy the thrill of retail therapy.

  1. Outdoor movies 

There is no doubt that cinemas are fun, but have you ever attended an outdoor movie event with drinks and finger foods to keep you in high spirits? Outdoor movies are an experience that should rarely be passed up.

  1. Skating

What is life without some risks and new skills picked up along the way? Skating has often been a skill seen in movies, but what if you could participate in that in Lagos State? There are skate parks on the mainland and island for those who aren’t scared to wear rolling shoes.

  1. Sip and Paint

This is easily one of the most convenient activities to do in Lagos as it not only gives you a chance to catch up with your friends and lovers but also provides you with a calm environment where you can express yourself through art. Also, there’s wine to accompany you on this journey to peace.

  1. Pottery or Candle making

Although your art may not be hung on walls in art galleries, you can take pride in the fact that you participated in some things that you have never thought would be possible beyond your career. Taking up pottery lessons and making lovely scented candles for yourself and any other person you cherish is a way to enjoy yourself, as there’s so much more to do in Lagos State than the things you may have been exposed to.

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