3 reasons Omawumi was right to shut down that interview

“Respeck my name’ Birdman said after he walked out of his now infamous interview at the Breakfast club last week.

This week saw Omawumi do something similar during her HFTV interview when she was asked about her ‘habitual smoking and drinking’.

Well as the Play na Play singer said in her song – ‘they no dey use crocodile dey do play play’ meaning you don’t joke with the crocodile and that’s exactly what happened.

The interviewer invoked the ferocious side of the Warri-bred Omawumi and she got bit.

Here are 3 reasons we think Omawumi was right in shutting down the interview.

Brand is not a joke

The singer’s brand resonates more to women and young girls and as the interviewer noted, she is a role model to many of them and is seen as an upright and responsible musician.

Just imagine this headline – Omawumi speaks on her ‘drinking and smoking’ habit

This can cause a major dent to her brand.

No such rumour

We are sure everyone was taken aback when the interviewer asked the question about Omawumi’s supposed ‘smoking and drinking’ habit as there are simply no such rumours flying around.

So why create a rumour where none exists?

If there’s any, please do tell.

Blood at first sight

It appeared the interviewer was out for blood right from the onset.

At the beginning of the interview, she asked Omawumi if she was pretending to be humble “Are you forming humility or this is just you?” she said.

She then also tried to set a trap for the singer when she asked about her 5-year-old daughter’s paternity who the journalist said was rumoured to have been fathered by her manager to which the singer responded “eww” and “God forbid”.

So we guess Omawumi saw that things could get deeper and messier and turned the interview on its head and got out of there as fast as she could.

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