‘Men and women can’t be ordinary friends’ | 6 things we learnt from Toke Makinwa’s interview

Toke Makinwa is the cover star for Glam Africa Magazine’s latest issue.

In her interview with the magazine, the media personality discussed topics surrounding relationship, marriage and more.

Here are 6 things we learnt from the interview.

  1. Toke Makinwa said she could forgive a cheating partner but she might not take him back.

According to the OAP, who’s been a victim of infidelity, “everyone deserves a second chance but not necessarily with each other.”

She added that the reason was because the damage cheating could cause to a relationship may not allow for the relationship to return to normal.

“Sometimes the brokenness is irreparable and you can forgive someone without being in their lives.”


2. Toke Makinwa says the consequences of infidelity is devastating.

In the course of the interview, Toke Makinwa explained the catastrophic effects cheating can have on a relationship.

“Cheating is bad; it is a cancer that eats you up; it destroys everything. You see a confident woman become a shadow of herself when she has been cheated on.”

“It is one of the most painful things, ever and though some people make it work, it definitely cannot be the same again.”


3. Toke Makinwa can’t keep a male best friend while in a marriage.

Toke opined that having an opposite sex as a best friend during a marriage without any strings is an ideology that is hardly feasible.

“In as much as I would love to say guys and girls can just be friends, I don’t believe in it.”

She insisted that, “your partner should be your best friend.”

Speaking from experience, she said she never had a male friend who didn’t develop feelings for her in the course of their friendship.


4. Toke Makinwa believes modern-day love is ‘superficial and unrealistic’.

The media personality feels that these days, people have misconstrued the word ‘love’.

“I have come to understand that love is beyond what we think it is. In our generation, what we define love to be can come across as superficial and, in most cases, unrealistic,” She told Glam Africa.

She then gave her own definition of love.

“Love is friendship that grows. It takes a lot of work to love someone, even when they’re at their lowest; it’s not for the faint-hearted. Love is a conscious thought; it is constantly forgiving and looking beyond flaws. So yes, I believe that attraction is fleeting and it is possible to love someone that you don’t desire physically. But as time passes, love grows.”


5. Toke Makinwa never thought her vlog series would be a hit.

Toke Makinwa’s vlog series – Toke Moments has risen to become a reference point and go-to place for women who seek relationship advice.

However, the OAP confessed she never saw it to be a massive success.

“The series was not something I took seriously at first… I didn’t realise it would be so successful.”

She told Glam Africa she created the vlog series as a way of connecting to people who needed to someone to talk to.

“No one seems to talk about the problems they have and I wanted to be the friend in your head, to voice what you normally wouldn’t. I wanted to connect with people on a different level.”


6. Toke Makinwa is set to launch her talk-show, lifestyle books and label brands

Explaining her five year potential plan, Toke said she hopes to build a global brand.

“I am working towards being a global brand. I want my name to have gained international status in 5 years.”

She then revealed that she is about to roll-out new projects which includes a talk-show which is the offing.

“I am also working on my own talk show, which I pray will be huge. I want to have written a number of lifestyle books and I am working on launching my own label brands. I am laying the foundations of all of these aspirations of mine now and I can only pray towards achieving them all and more.”

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