Aninoritse Odeli-Serrano: Femi Fani-Kayode and his outrageous Delilah theory

by Aninoritse Odeli-Serrano

Femi Fani-Kayode

So Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, with all due respect, I would ask that you deal with your past Jezebel’s, Delilah’s, Athalia’s and Yemoja’s. Habouring so much venom and anger is destructive.

Femi Fani-Kayode is a smart man. I mean an actual brilliant man. His educational background tells us so. He went to some of the best schools in England so therefore he should be smart right? I mean he was the Special Assistant to the then President Obasanjo and was also a minister two times over (not that it requires much brain from the lot we see up there), so by right he should be a Smart Alec but err…from the recent comments he has made, I am beginning to rethink that smartness thing. He has been quite careless with some of his comments in the past; but this time around, the comments wear a big hat. I am referring to a piece which has since been deleted from his Facebook account but Linda Ikeji (sharp geh) managed to give us a cut, and I must say I am highly disappointed with FFK.

If you haven’t read the piece, then HERE it is. The man who some had regarded as their “hero” simply spewed some words that would make one anger and boil with abit of hate towards this man. What am I even on about you might ask? FFK wrote a piece about the arrest of Oscar Pistorius who is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The long and short is that FFK blames Ms Steenkamp for her death and, being a woman, must have provoked the ‘Blade Runner’ to the point that he had to kill her.

Permit me but you must be absolutely insane to even begin to suggest such. Yes, perhaps Ms Steenkamp was the world’s most annoying girlfriend and by God we know women can be a bit in your face but it gives no one the right to commit murder. FFK must have a real wild imagination, wilder than I first thought actually. I am a woman and I know how manipulative and vindictive we can be and in the same breath, we can be peaceful and loving souls. It’s in our DNA, the world knows that. So since the whole world except FFK, knows how women can be, how and why does that give him the right to blame a poor young soul who had life taken from her at such an age? Does it mean Ms Steenkamp woke up that beautiful Valentine morning and decided “I want to die today and I want Oscar to shoot me”? Does it mean she decided to provoke her boyfriend till the point that he threw caution to the wind and decided to put 4 bullets into her?

Please Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode needs a new hobby, may I suggest fiction writing? Your mind sir is exceptional. You’d have an excellent work of writing out there if you really want us to believe that Ms Steenkamp was indeed a “sexy and pretty little model who the devil sent his way”. What if the ‘Blade Runner’ was a “Spawn of Satan” sent to devour her and destroy his own life too? Many couples have issues, many couples have fights, some more than others. Some are quite violent and all that. Some make it work; others just let the matter brew. Was that what happened in the case of Oscar and Reeva? Oscar has had issues with his temper; there has been a history of violence with him. The London 2012 Olympics gave us a taste of how angry Oscar can get, when the young Brazilian runner, Alan Fonteles Cardoso Oliveira broke Pistorius’s record. Apparently our beloved ‘Blade Runner’ went into a tirade and then accused the gentleman that he had longer blades that’s why he won, stating the race was “unfair” and then later apologized. Was a Jezebel at work here Mr. FFK?

The evidence against Oscar is piling day after day and the police are not accepting his plea of an accident. They seem very determined to pin this one on him. I have this gut feeling that somehow, Oscar Pistorius will be set free. I may be right, I may be wrong but when you see the way the evidence is being gathered and mounted and the press following; it kind of reminds one of a case years and years ago. I was quite young then you see so I can’t supply you with all the details but from what I have read The OJ Simpson case. And in my books are a bit similar with this Oscar’s case (well sort of), with the mountain of evidence the police had on OJ, he simply walked. I mean he walked, his lawyer Johnny Cochran did a mighty fine job of making sure that he did. Hey not that OJ didn’t do it; but in the eyes of the law he is innocent of that crime, but then again we watch with close keen interest on this case.

So Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, with all due respect, I would ask that you deal with your past Jezebel’s, Delilah’s, Athalia’s and Yemoja’s. Habouring so much venom and anger is destructive, I am sure you understand what I mean by this sir. Lives have been ended and destroyed here and until the law in South Africa can prove that Ms Steenkamp steered Oscar Pistorius into murdering her, or whatever the conclusion is, I suggest we keep such dangerous comments to heart sir. As our people say, “it is unwise to speak ill of the dead”.

Of course FFK is entitled to his views and the above are simply mine.


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  1. this peice is a little dumb i find it so annoying that you are just as stupid as FFK is, cause your peice is very prepostreous. On one hand you are trying to establish that blaming the girl is not the best option but stupid and on the other hand you are blaming the man cause you are a ”woman” which i beg your pardon is less objective in all sence. I think you should critisize his peice and not shifting blame or try to insult him, he may be right cause somthing must have catalyzed his anger. I see no relation with what happend in the olympic and anger cause looking deep what you said about it doesnt make sense. Finally you should be more objective in your critisizm and stop talking as a ”woman” cause FFK spoke like a man and you are annoyed so what makes you better than him and by the way oscar has not being convicted and until he is your opinion does not hold water.

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