Another one: Pastors buy jets for “urgent” evangelism – Pastor Victor Adeyemi

The President and Founder, Global Harvest Church, Pastor Victor Adeyemi, has attributed the need for private jets by clerics in the country to challenges of evangelism.

Adeyemi spoke on Sunday during the first anniversary of Global Harvest Church, Outer Ring Road branch, Ibadan.

The clergy said recent criticism by the public on the perceived affluent lifestyles of men of God was needless considering the challenges attached to their calling and the need to meet up with the demands of their duties.

He said, “It is very unfortunate that the acquisition of private jets has coloured the image of the pentecostal churches. They accuse many of living lavish lifestyles and just looking for comfort at the expense of the poor congregation. For me, it is a matter of perspective. Looking at a nation like ours where there is high prevalence of poverty, you can think that way.

“Of course, I cannot hold brief for people who have acquired one. However, I can certainly tell you that one of the people that own one has branches of their churches in well over 100 nations of the world.

“As a businessman or a preacher who runs a very busy schedule requiring you to be in several nations of the world within days or in a week, you may need it.

“On a particular mission from Kenya to Nigeria we had a convention in Nigeria, and we were stuck at the airport in Kinshasha, Zaire for more than 12 hours before we were able to get a connecting flight to Nigeria.”

The cleric explained that the need to attend urgent programmes and safety required the men of God to buy private jets.

Adeyemi, who also attributed poor infrastructure in Africa to poverty and lack of willpower to deliver good governance by the leadership, said that “It is certain that evil rulers will eat the fruits of their doings.”

– Nigerian Eye

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  1. The acquisition of private jet is inconsequential. Afterall Jesus never had one if actually they are following the foolstep of Christ who came to serve the poor masses.

    Christians should be asked to abstain from their negative ways and turn to Christ.

  2. All of you that are criticizing Nigerian pastors for buying private jets are very STUPID… What is wrong in buying a private jet. If unbelievers can buy jets then talk more of great men of God; what ll be the proof that God can take them to any height…eh?…do u know the number of poor people these pastors help everyday?…the fact that u are not privileged to meet them doesn't mean they ain't doing nothing…moreover its not their job to take care of the affairs of the country, it's the work of the government. Y'al should be happy that our pastors are doing well. Go and get yourself a job & stop disturbing our pastors; they are not givers of wealth, God is the giver of wealth. Go down on your knees and pray for your own wealth.

  3. The acquisition of private jets by pastors: if it is for the purpose of evangelism (as commanded in Matt. 28:19; Mark 16:15) and not to flaunt personal affluence, in my opinion, should not be a subject of debate. If we refer to Mark 3:9, we see how our Lord Jesus told His disciples that a small boat should be kept ready for Him because of the multitude, lest they should crush Him.

  4. All these hulaballoo are not necessary. Nobody forces another to go to a particular church or donate, so what is it all about? To be an Imam or a Pastor requires simple proclamation with sweet coated tongue that you have a calling and play the game of the smart alec pronto, youve made it! Please lets talk about more important things, the masses can as well languish in ignorance and waste their God given talent if they so desire.

  5. What is urgent in evangelism? Its just a lame excuse for wrong priorities. Milion of US Dollars wasted in the midst of stark poverty arround them. Something is wrong somewhere and our so called church leaders are daily disconnecting from the people they ought to serve. This is sad!

  6. God will deliver xtians from poverty oriented mentality, amen.Do you want to be the one to stop the prophecies of Prophets Isaiah and Joel about the wealth of the end time church from coming to fulfillment?

  7. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting ……………..May God help all of us!

  8. You can charter planes in situations like that.

    1. Dont u tink its more expensive doing that over long period of time.i tink its cost effective buyin a jet

  9. We have left the sinners and issues in Nigeria and start chasing people in other countries. So because of being stuck for 12 hours we need private jets. I love these pastors!

  10. I suppose the poor people he's talking about will also find it necessary to have three square meals a day to sustain life but find themselves unable to. If they're so foolish as to give you enough money to declare that private jet is necessary for your work (business), please by all means go ahead


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