As Biya takes his 7th oath of office, it’s a drawback for Africa

After thirty-six years in power, 85-year-old President of Cameroon, Paul Biya will be sworn in tomorrow for a 7th record-breaking time making him the longest-serving President in Africa and by extension the world. Biya won the October elections in Cameroon he literally contested against himself as the election is nothing near to what could be described as a free and fair. Biya’s inauguration will also be happening a day after gunmen kidnapped 78 children in the Anglophone part of the country. At 85 there is absolutely nothing new for Biya to offer Cameroonians apart from enjoying the luxury of power and the attraction that comes with it.

But Biya is not alone in this continuous hold on power as several African countries have geriatric men who should be home enjoying their retirement with their grandchildren. However, they’ve chosen to spend the latter part of their earthly sojourn ruling the masses, impoverishing taxpayers while satisfying their unquenchable thirst for power. Africa, as a continent has been left behind by the rest of the world as it has suffered disrepute and underdevelopment from Biya and his likes.

Economically, Africa is a poor continent. We rely on importation to satisfy the commonest needs like food. After decades of democratic governance, Africa cannot feed itself courtesy of the “Biyas” among us.

The continent continues to pill up huge debt with foreign countries with little to show for it in development. In the healthcare sector, many African countries do not have a single world-class hospital as African leaders are regular patients at hospitals in the United Kingdom and the United States of Africa while their citizens are left to die at the mercy of the ill-equipped hospitals back home courtesy of the “Biyas” who have taken over the reins of leadership in the continent. In the 21st century, we are yet to eradicate diseases like polio, malaria, cholera, and tuberculosis. The Ebola epidemic claimed thousands of lives within a short period of time until the world came to our aid. All these connote one thing: Africa is deficient of leadership courtesy of the “Biyas”.

As Biya takes his 7th oath of office today, it’s a further drawback for Africa and this tweet has a lot to say about the Cameroonian leader.

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