Be Clever, Be Funny, Don’t Cuss: Y!’s guide to good commenting

Hello Y! community,

Welcome to our commenting guide!

Part of Y!’s ethos is being all about conversation and debate; we strongly encourage all our readers to contribute their thoughts. We know that some may have reservations on how to go about commenting on this website, so we have set a few guidelines to usher dialogue along in a way that is positive and meaningful.

We want:

  •          You to contribute. Your voice is important to us as well as to the other readers; we want to hear what you think. Really. Think and read before you type, though; we like thoughtful and interesting comments.
  •          Add to the conversation. You have access to information and viewpoints that could paint a broader picture to others visiting or to the writer, so share it with us.
  •          Clever and funny. You know you got it, so bring it.
  •          Clarity. We can’t see your facial expressions or hear your voice—which means we have no idea whether you are being serious, sarcastic or irreverent. Use emoticons or other information to tell us the true spirit of your comment.
  •          Call us out. Spot a factual error? A grammatical slip-up? Tell us in the comments.

We do not appreciate:

  •          Profanity. Of any sort. While we understand strong emotions and the need to express one’s self, any idea can be expressed without resorting to swear words and curses.
  •          Personal attacks. We are a community, and respect is a huge pillar that supports the idea. Attacks on the contributors or other commentators are severely frowned upon. Dissect the story/writing, but personal attacks (e.g. name-calling) are a no-no.
  •          Random comments.  Please stay on topic. Avoid straying or having a conversation with other commentators that do not concern that particular posting.

ABSOLUTELY NO TROLLING. And do not feed the trolls by engaging them in any way.

We have some of the best and brightest young minds from all over the nation, writing on topics across the board. Y! asks the opinion writers and contributors to engage in dialogue with our readers, so on some stories you will see responses from the writer. If you have something genuine to add to the conversation, jump in! Respect for the contributor and the other commentators is essential. We at Y! have no expectation that they will respond to all comments on their stories, neither should you.

We believe intensely in free speech, but also believe in personal responsibility even as you exercise that fundamental right.

Need to say something in particular to the Y! editors? E-mail us at [email protected] and we will do our best to respond.


Good comments deserve to be highlighted, and the best comment will be crowned Comment of the Week!

Happy commenting!

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  1. I find this website f**king amazing. Two thumbs up.

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