Drama Queen: Goldie’s top 6 moments in the BBA house

by Adeniyi Abdul

Nigerian singer Goldie Harvey was last night booted out of the Big Brother Africa house in what was, no doubt, quite the spectacle due to the unabashed display of emotions from her.

No longer was she the fast talking, fierce woman you had to be careful around if you didn’t want your man snatched (her “mo le gbo ko lowo e” days say hi), instead she was a woman who seemed, perhaps a little too nice and a little too shocked at what was basic human behaviour. But then we’re not here to give Goldie a psych analysis (regardless of whether or not some people might believe she needs one), we’re just gonna take a little look back at some of her key moments in the house and remember what made us love, or love to hate her.

Intriguing Intro 

We start at the beginning, where Goldie made quite the… curious remark about her plans for the house.
When asked what her strategy would be in the house regarding relationships, the singer replied “self service is the best” .
Well, we’re still not exactly sure what “self service” meant but it would seem that plan got thrown out the window.

Beautiful Beginnings 

In no time we got to see a friendship blossom between Goldie and Kenyan housemate Prezzo. By day 11 Prezzo was reciting sweet poetry to dear Goldie but the relationship despite only being in the early stages was already shaky.  Goldie complained that Prezzo was invading her privacy, stating during a diary session that people need to keep their distance and respect boundaries. Prezzo’s answer when quizzed about this was: “We are hanging there.”

 A massage and some moans

After a couple of more back-and-forths Prezzo and Goldie found their way into each others arms once more. This time Prezzo seemed determined to make up for his past transgressions by giving the stressed out Goldie a massage. And judging by the constant moans that escaped from her as it went on, we think it’s safe to say she didn’t mind. Sadly, the effect didn’t last too long as Prezzo told his lady that she treated him like a “beanbag”. Ouch.

A hairy situation 

The above picture is a screenshot of Goldie without her signature extravagant wigs and looking a light years… different. Our dear contestant was in the process of getting a new weave sewn in but that didn’t matter as this image was more than enough to cause a reaction from the world. And as we saw on twitter, they weren’t pretty.

Back to square one 

After declaring that she was done with the Kenyan bad boy, the golden one found herself in his arms yet again, cuddling up to him in bed and confiding in him her elimination fears. This was all the more sensational as Prezzo had only a few days before declared her a “weirdo”. “I’m not even eating the food she cooks from now on,” he told housemate Keitta.  “I can make eggs. I am done. Watch this space. It’s time to bring the old Prezzo back… This chick is a weirdo and I found myself caught up in the mix.”

Emotional Exit 

Goldie’s final and most memorable moments in the house are undoubtedly the scenes which took place as she was evicted. The star who was already visibly emotional broke down in tears as she was shown clips of housemates casting votes for nominations. Poor Goldie simply couldn’t understand how she could have been nominated by someone who she “cooked for” and whose hair she braided.

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