Bust-A-Myth: Period Sex

by Ore Fakorede

Please note that the language used throughout this article, while not crude, is frank and undisguised.

“Disgusting!”. That’s the average (read: unexposed) man’s one-word definition of having sex with a woman while she’s menstruating. And you can hardly blame Mr. Average Guy for feeling that way: period sex is quite a messy process. For the woman, having sex while she’s on her period is sure to evoke a measure of embarrassment as no self-conscious lady would want her bodily fluids on display, not even to an audience of one. Besides, blood-stained bedclothes have not yet been accepted as an element of radical interior design.

On the other side of the divide, some would swear that conception cannot take place when it’s ‘that time of the month’. This group uses period sex as a natural method of contraception (like the rhythm or withdrawal methods).

In a totally different sphere of contention, period sex is frowned at by highbrow religious persons. Persistent claims have been made that ‘surfing the red tide’ has grave spiritual consequences and must never be indulged in (not even by married couples). Some even support these claims with Biblical references. Before the scoffing and sniggering begin, it must not be forgotten that everyone is entitled to their own opinions about (almost) everything. This article does not lean towards either side of the ‘Right Versus Wrong’ argument, instead, it confronts unfounded rumours with hardcore evidence and tested facts in a straightforward manner. For those who have chosen to keep an open mind about the subject, things can hardly get any clearer than this.

Myth #1: Period sex is unhealthy because menstrual blood is dirty.

Facts: Menstrual blood itself is not inherently dirty, nor does it necessarily smell bad. However, once menstrual blood comes into contact with oxygen or air it will exhibit a distinctive odour. It is recommended that women change sanitary pads/tampons every 2-4 hours during menstruation to avoid the build up of unpleasant odours. Brief showers in-between regular baths could also aid the cause of vaginal hygiene. Note to women: Your vagina is a self-cleansing organ, douches and scented tampons are not necessary and may cause infections in your pubic region.

Myth #2: Most women do not want to have sex during menstruation.

Facts: Due to a high level of hormonal release in the body, many women have a keener-than-normal sex drive when on their period. The average woman might not come right out to say that she wants IT, but if motivated, she’ll be raring to go in a very short time. Also, the vagina is more sensitive and responsive to stimulation during menstruation, thus, quicker and more intense orgasms tend to happen. The extra natural lubrication makes penetration a breeze and helps to get things along faster. Note to men: Unless you’re a perverted vampire of some sort, oral sex is a definite no-no when she‘s on!

Myth #3: Period sex cannot lead to conception.

Facts: While it is true that conception is highly unlikely to happen during menstruation, unprotected sex always has the risk of pregnancy attached to it. Once again, the humble condom is an essential requirement for any invasive sexual activity during menstruation but hard-headed cowboys can always ride bareback at their own peril.

Myth #4: Sex eases dysmenorrhoea (period pains).

Facts: Based on personal accounts, this myth isn’t a myth at all. Having gentle sex during menstruation has been proven to help reduce menstrual cramps. This is probably because, contrary to the idea that motion worsens period pains, mild exercise helps to relieve the discomfort that many women feel while on their period. Orgasms also reduce dysmenorrhoea because the body releases oxytocin and endorphins (natural pain and stress relievers) during the process. However, it is important to avoid putting pressure on the uterus and to take things slow. There’ll be plenty of time for the contortions and wild porno moves later.

Myth #5: The Bible prohibits period sex.

Facts: Yes, it is true that God feels very strongly about period sex (read Leviticus 18:19 and Ezekiel 18:5-6). Using such phrases as “her uncleanness” and “a monstrous woman”, the Bible makes it quite clear that having sex with a woman while she is menstruating is an act of defilement punishable by death (Leviticus 20:18). New Testament believers would probably argue (quite rightly) that these instructions are exclusive to the Old Testament, also known as the Law, and that God was speaking pointedly to the Israelites. They would go further to say that Jesus Christ came and died to correct the inherent flaws of the Mosaic Law, and if such a terrible offence as adultery was pardoned by Christ, why should period sex (between married couples) be considered a sin? And the debate goes on.

What’s your opinion of period sex? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. My bf and I used to hate sex on period, it’s just too nasty. but after I read this interesting blog http://sexonperiod.com I learned how to spice it up during these days. Men are so simple, just give them great sex and they are like a little puppies, LOL 🙂

  2. '…Based on personal account…'???

    I have always thought this Ore dude menstruated! 🙂

  3. Period sex??
    Sex durin ones period is very wrong!
    How do u explain d bloody sheet,embarassment,bloody pe**s yuck!!!
    Even d smell???period sex is no no and NO!

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