“Call your creditors!” Ahmed Adeyanju lists 10 things to do before protests resume on Monday!

The poet William Blake famously said “Think in the morning, act in the noon, read in the evening, and sleep at night”. We might find ourselves having to do a little more mult-tasking(sleeping) than Blake did in these trying times but the principle still applies.

We’ll try to help you with a bucket list of things to do before the protests resume on Monday. Here goes:

1. Talk to your creditors, clients etc.

If you are in business or even if you are an employee, don’t assume that your clients or the people you owe money will “understand” why you can’t deliver because after all “everyone knows there is a strike”! Communicate to them. Beyond giving you time to get your act together, it helps the relationship. If you’re an employee, call your boss. Really.

2. Get some comfort food.

Chocolates, fudge, cookies, ice-cream. Whatever it is that lifts your mood. This protest cum strike might get even longer. You will be bored, you’ll get depressed. Stock up, spoil yourself. Blame me when you get fat. 😀

3. Prepare for an actual “Occupation”. These past five days, we’ve all gone back and forth between homes and protest venues. That’s tiring and frankly, I don’t think I (and my dear long suffering legs) can keep it up much longer.Get out those sleeping bags, those long, very warm, wool socks that you ex gave you (oops). All those things you might need for a long drawn out encampment at GaniFawehinmi Park, Falomo and other venues across the country.

4. Get Cash. Need I say more?

5. Form bands or teams. Make definite arrangements to protect and take care of the young ones and and older ones. Teach children how and when to call for help.

6. Get first aid items. Some stuff to treat bruises, headaches, (alcohol withdrawal symptoms) etc. Methylated spirit, iodine, bandages, and aspirin are staples. Handkerchiefs or face-towels are perhaps the most useful items you can have in that kit. Thank me later.

7. When stocking up on food, get more non-perishable items, canned food and staples. Electricity isn’t assured and you don’t want to have a refrigerator full of decomposing food.

8. Get a lawyer on speed dial, right after that, sync your phone’s camera to a one-touch button. Get a spare battery if you can, and some torches.

9. See a doctor. That niggling feverish feeling you got on Wednesday? Yes, have it checked out. See your dentist during this break. You get the point. Take care of your health problems; we want you to be in optimal condition for Monday. Just in case.

10. Go on a date. Life is too short to not set P. Your wife, the hot girl you met at Ojota perhaps?

Of course, I’ve missed out a lot of things you should do during this protest break. Let us know, drop a comment.

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