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by Chris Bamidele

Last week, I read something on a blog via twitter, somebody compiled some reasons why men cheat, and I must say I found some of them very hilarious. I am going to try and include some of those reasons in this post and then give few reasons of my own why I think men would cheat on their wives or on their girlfriends.

But first, let us understand one thing, and I am in no way trying to justify cheating or excuse men who cheat on their women. But the fact is, the likelihood of cheating increases under certain conditions, and in most cases, infidelity on the part of a man results from a COMBINATION of things. Those things could be from his actions/inactions, his partner’s actions, and/or issues that his partner is going through.

Now, here are five reasons of my own, why I think men cheat and would cheat non-stop.

  • He Knows His Woman Will Put Up:

A lot of men who cheat serially do so mainly because of this reason, most women who know their partner cheats on them will look the other way – as long as the partner is discreet about it, and keep his infidelity low key. Men who are rich and well to do get away with cheating most times than men who are not, they know their woman won’t do anything about it, as she could believe that when a guy is rich and influential, he is not for just one woman. So these types of men will always feel they are entitled to cheat because they are rich, famous and maybe good-looking.

  • He Is A Sex Addict:

Some men are addicted to sex, and this is no joke. This reason might probably be the only one on this list that can halfway be excused because sex addiction is a medical condition in which the cheater really can’t help himself unless he gets a professional help. I know a man who will start shaking uncontrollably once he sees a woman; he simply wants to have sex and he will stop at nothing until he does. This kind of person might need medical treatment to stop cheating.

  • He Wants To Belong:

If a man spends a lot of time in the company of people who cheat, he is likely to start cheating and continue to do so. When his colleagues, or close friends that he constantly hangs out with are cheating on their mates, he might find himself succumbing pressure and cheats to be part of the crowd. And if he doesn’t discard this group of friends who cheat on their wives/girlfriends, he is likely to continue cheating.

  • He’s Got Poor Role Models:

If a man grew up under a father, uncle, or other male role models who repeatedly cheated and got away with it – especially if the women in his role models lives tolerated it, he may be subconsciously programmed to follow their example, considering infidelity to be the norm. except if his own woman stands up against it.

  • He Doesn’t Believe In Monogamy:

As crude as it may sound, a lot of men still don’t believe in monogamous relationship, and I’m not talking about the ones permitted by their religion/faith. Some guys simply believe they can’t marry two women at a time but they can’t still retain their manhood for just one woman for the rest of their lives. They always prioritize the need to explore and have someone or two on the side.

Now, back to what I read on a blog via twitter, the writer asked her audience “Why Did You Cheat? Or Why Are You Cheating?” and some of the responses left me in stitches. Check out a few.

  • “It was at the end-point of the relationship. I tried sorting out misunderstanding but they kept happening, no progress, no growth, got bored and sought comfort in the arms that cared over a period of time”
  • “To be honest, I don’t have a genuine reason for cheating, I’m only doing it because it feels good to know I can actually talk to a girl into having sex with me even when she knows I’m in a relationship”
  • “I am engaged because I love her, but I am a sucker for dark girls with big ass. She is slim and petite so…”
  • “Because I have to remind myself I am still a man. My girl is amazing, and she loves me more than I love myself. But I roll with serial cheats as best friends and I have been influenced. I am a young guy at 25 working in a multinational with 2 cars and my own well furnished, serviced mini-flat. I can’t be expected to be faithful at this young age”
  • “She was a former crush and ‘konji’ is a bastard”
  • “She is ‘team wedding night’ but a brother has needs”
  • “I love my girlfriend but she bores me in bed. Why? She’s a Christian, and they can’t do ‘certain things”
  • “Because we are not married. I love her but I don’t trust her or anybody. A girl will leave you as soon as she sees a better deal. (Speaking from experience)”
  • “There’s no reasonable excuse, except the pussy was there”

Now, you can add your own reason(s) why you think men cheat. Stay safe


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