The Church Blog: Are you following the Celestial Church of Christ on Instagram?

No one, especially not the church, has allowed anyone to leave them behind the past?

The Celestial Church of Christ is rooted in traditional heritage and they will say, a lot of misconception. It’s cool to see them use this unobtrusive medium to hold a personable, reachable brand for a new generation.

Think of it at its very basics: You’re shocked to see cool, young, globalised people sharing about the CCC Instagram, don’t lie? Validation for strategy.

We are liking the swag.

We are loving the attitude.

Daddy Fatunsi H.O.D United Kingdom & N/Ireland , More Anointing For Him IJMN .

A photo posted by C.C.C UNITE ( on

And we are totally feeling the vibe.

P.S And don’t miss the celeb dust…

Mercy Day, I Pray You All Our Follower Find God Favour & Mercy IJMN , S/O – @Yfl1 & @officialdaray

A photo posted by C.C.C UNITE ( on

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