The Church Blog: Why I go to Church on Sundays

by Abayomi G. Omotayo

Since I was born and now I am growing older, I have never seen the Lord change, the righteous forsaken nor his children begging for bread but the reasons behind my going to church have changed with each phase of my life.

As a baby, I went to church because my parents went to church and they couldn’t possibly leave me at home. I knew nothing other than to suckle and sleep through service. Other times I was mischievous as I cried for nothing forcing my mum to carry me out of the church to pet me and give me more breast milk. The look on the congrgants as mummy hurriedly took me out was that of irritation as if my cry just made them miss the pastor’s announcement of the passcode to the treasures of heaven.

As a little boy in primary school, I went to church because Sunday was church day and Wednessday was prayer meeting day. It just seemed like the normal thing to do having been introduced to church from birth. I began to make friends and crush on the girls. Then my reason changed. I needed to be in church, particularly children’s church to see my friends. To show off the new shoe or dress or fanciful wristwatch. And of course to hear the ever interesting bible stories. God bless all the teachers in the children’s church who bring bible story alive and capture our imagination.

As I grew older, I understood better, gave my life to christ and my reasons for going to church changed. Yet again. I needed to be in church of course to worship my new found love, my Lord and savior Jesus Christ and to serve him. In serving him, I had to serve others so I began to hold positions. In the teenage church and student fellowship at the University. With this, going to church was also inevitably borne out of duty and responsibilities. Now as a man with my own family, I have another reason for going to church. I need to be in Church as part of the ways to train my children in the way of the Lord.

Though there may be many reasons to go to church, I have matured to the point where I go out of freewill and love for God, not out of duty or obligation but because of a deeper understanding of the fact that God does not need me but I need him for everything. It engenders my spiritual grafting which bears positively upon other aspects of my life. I go for church services so I can be serviced, tuned-up for the week and for life.  I go because it is Zion and in Zion, the city of the living God, there is strength, fullness of joy and pleasures ever more. I go because God commands it in Hebrews 10:25 and I’ll rather not disobey him besides it is going back to my source for replenishments so I never run dry. I go because there is no better place to be than in his presence or is there?  

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