Colour blocking or colour riot? Party in style at #Hashtag

by Tola Sunmonu

It seems this season’s hottest trend involves deliberately trying to make yourself look like a packet of skittles. You’ve probably heard of and seen colour blocking, and this weekend, at YNaija and Chocolate City’s #Hashtag party, you will be seeing a lot more of it.  Even though I’m giddy with excitement because I love this trend, I am apprehensive about how some people might interprete the look. I’m worried that the colour riot might just push our poor eyes over the edge! Instead of looking like,

some people may end up looking like,

So just to make sure that our poor eyes are not assaulted with all the colors of the rainbow, I will share some tips on how to avoid looking like Bobo the clown.

1. Block with only 2 or 3 colors

There is no need to look like a pack of skittles. I wish someone had given Solange here the memo. Where is Beyonce when you need her?

2. Pay attention to the word ‘block’!

There should be no prints and no stripes – just solid colors that complement one another. Nikki Minaj’s stylist clearly doesn’t get it. I’m not even going to go in on the hair. Please do not copy this look!

3. Go hard or go home!

A black dress with bold shoes is not color blocking! The colors need to be bedazzlingly (did I just make up a word there?) bright. Try neon green, navy blue and purple like this shockingly attractive young girl… *wink*

or yellow, blue and white

some other great combinations are baby blue and orange. (These look great on dark men…yum!)

orange, green and purple are by far the most common colors used to color block.

4. Get your green on

I suspect some will try to pay homage to The Future Awards and Nigeria, but please do not show up looking like the Nigerian flag or even worse, a Christmas tree with tinsel!  If you must block green and white, keep it simple.

Phew! Finally Solange got it right!

4. The makeup

Now ladies, I know we are always tempted to make our makeup match the outfit, but for the love of God, please try not to color block your makeup!

Keep that MAC color palette as far away from your face as possible. Stick with the bronzers and natural colors and keep the focus on the outfit.

5. Keep your junk in your trunk

I know we ladies love any excuse to show a little bit of leg or some cleavage, but there is only so much you can get away with when you are wearing enough colors to stop traffic. There’s no need to go overboard and cause unwarranted accidents too! Its ok Kimmy, I still love you!

6. For the ‘orobos’

For those who dress in strategic dark colors to hide those bumps and bulges, the thought of putting on bright colors may cause heart palpitations. Don’t fret! You can still come to #Hashtag looking like an orobo toh behd!

First, you can use a belt to slim up that waist. High waist flared trousers will make anyone’s legs look long and slim (just make sure the waist is not too tight), and a well fitted blazer will give the impression that you are a lot narrower than you are and will hide those annoying bulges on your back.

7. If all else fails

Throw on a bright dress and some bright shoes (like my, er, bff Kimmy K).

There you have it, my 7 rules to rocking this season’s trend and preventing our eyes from undergoing serious damage at the #Hashtag party this weekend.

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