Cutting Edge: MOOFA – For bold, edgy & sexy women


by Yemi Olowu

The MOOFA label captures bold, edgy and sexy side of women. The brand is known for its dramatic and  gorgeously constructed pieces, combing elements of African and European fashion.  Meet Olayinka Fashola, the young lady behind this fast growing brand.

What is the origin of your label?

I have always loved fashion, but I didn’t plan to make a living out of it. MOOFA is actually the initials of my real name, Mopileola Olaitan Olayinka Fashola.

What inspires your designs?

My major inspiration comes from my fabric, my environment, and most importantly the diversity of my client’s choice.

What are the fabrics are synonymous with your brand?

My favourite fabric is definitely denim. I also love damask fabric and Ankara, but recently I am falling in love with jersey fabric because of its versatility.

Which international designer would you like to work with?

I will love to work with Roland Mouret, he stands distinct by understanding a woman’s curve.

Tell us who your  favourite Nigerian designers are?

I love everything Deola Sagoe. I also admire Ituen Basi for her Ankara mix. Juliet David-West of JIDZ is also a favorite because of her attention to detail.

How long have you worked as a designer?

I have been doing it for about a decade now, but I took it up as a business about 3 years ago.

What matters to you most as a designer?

There is nothing more than satisfying than a smile on my client’s face. Customer satisfaction is key.

How do you rate the Nigerian fashion industry?

The Nigerian fashion industry is growing really fast. People are beginning to buy pieces made in Nigeria. Unlike 10-15 years ago when people tend to look down on locally made clothes.

What are the problems you face as a designer in this part of the world?

Electricity and textile industry in Nigeria is a major problem. We don’t really have a market for fabrics except Ankara. You see the same fabric everywhere.

How can the government support fashion designers?

The government can support the fashion industry by investing in the textile industry and also supplying us with adequate power supply.

If you were not a designer what would you have been?

I would have been an interior designer in order to express my creativity through another medium.

What do you have for aspiring designers?

They have to be focused, original and confident.

All photos from MOOFA

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  2. very nice concept…….now i can wear denim to a red carpet event without looking too casual

  3. the address: block 42, flat 1 kososfe str dolphin estate ikoyi.

  4. Yinka's pieces are timless and wearable. She has a piece for every occasion. Whether it be casual or corporate. You can never go wrong with MOOFA!!!

  5. lmao! seyi o, the store is at dolphin. ping me for more info. :*

  6. Way to go moofa ur unique designs blow my mind away everytime. Classic n lovely

  7. Great pieces keep up d good work, Nigeria needs more creative and innovative designers like you, the youth will really catch up on this

  8. Luvly designs..where is ur store at?…….need 2 get some of ur stuvs for my girlfrnd S.D.

  9. Luvly designs…..

  10. Talented, smart and unique. I can confidently say 'moofa' is the future fashion!

  11. wow!!!!!! very nice denim with tribal prints!…. awesome. congrat babes

  12. beautiful…..well made designs

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail