Dear Nse: The recipe for happiness

by Tayo Adelekan

“Even Angels draw swords when it is time to fight war.” That Nse, is my favorite line uttered by the character you played in Mr & Mrs which was just released on DVD. I saw it when it screened in cinemas and I am a proud owner of a DVD copy. Your character has got some nerves though. Standing up to her husband who disregarded her M.BA in Law and decided to turn her into a slave and the kitchen, her office. And then, how she employed tactics to win his love back and made him respect her. Relating that to everyday happenstances, we should not allow anyone or anything hold us captive. Emancipation from all forms of slavery.

You did pull a good performance but as with all things man-made, flaws existed. The plot made mention of kids a number of times and I expected to see them or at least, hear her put a phone call through to them but none of that happened. I found the performance of some cast -mates superficial but kudos to everyone involved.

How are you ma’m? Sometimes I wonder if you watch your performances. Do you?

You know while I was watching the film yesterday, PHCN seized electricity and before I could say Jack Robinson or spew curse words, they restored it. I’m still baffled at how much electricity supply has improved in some parts of Lagos. Some people attribute this to the rainfall which supplies water to the dams and in turn, effective generation, others -Minister of power- claim it is due to their effective management but the people in my category are just grateful and pray this does not cease.
It’s been so good such that the fuel attendant at the gas station said to me that he wants electricity supply to be cut off at night so they can see fuel and get some extra change. I think I almost gave him a knock.

There is a downside to this development though. The bill, hence the investment in energy saving bulbs which we- members of my household- hope will serve its purpose.

When there is electricity, there is happiness and on that happy note, see a conclusive recipe for happiness I discovered:


  • 2 heaped cups of patience.
  • 1 heartful of love.
  • 2 handfuls of generosity
  • 1 headful of understanding
  • A dash of honour.

Method: Sprinkle kindness and plenty of faith.
Mix well.

Servings: Spread over a period of lifetime and serve to everyone you meet.

Very positive and funny stuff but I totally dis-agree. I can’t find contentment, hope which is closely related to faith was ommitted and intergrity which goes hand in hand with honour is missing. In fact, the recipe of hapiness is subjective and as such, that recipe is not it.

In good faith, I bid you farewell. I’ll write you soon.

Love always,
Tayo Adelekan


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