Donald Trump is “Not America’s president”

New York City – Thousands of protesters are gathered in several locations, including Trump Tower as they rally against Donald Trump’s emergence as President.

Los Angeles – Protesters burn an effigy of the president-elect outside the Los Angeles City Hall. They also blocked major roads and lit fire on streets.

Boston – Protesters litter the streets of Massachusetts holding up placards and screaming, as Donald Trump is named president-elect.

Oakland  Police arrest some of the angry protesters here.

Philadelphia – About 1000 people march peacefully through the streets and block traffic lanes. Philadelphia is a strong democratic state.

Seattle – Protesters march through downtown Seattle holding placards that read, “Impeach racists”, “fight racism”. Many of the participants are students at the University of Washington.

Chicago – An estimated 2000 angry protesters gather outside the Trump Tower in Illinois. About five arrests are made for blocking traffic.

Utah – Outside the Salt Lake City Hall, citizens express their fear for the future of their country. According to them, America is no longer safe, with Trump as president.

Cleveland – More than 50 protesters on the streets chanting, “Say it loud, say it clear. Refugees are welcome here”.

Rhode Island – Hundreds of resident remain outside the State House in Providence. They seek to protect the rights of vulnerable people.

Washington D.C – This group of protesters had been outside the White House since election day. They are against a Ttump presidency.

San Francisco – Dominated mostly by students of the San Francisco State University, these protesters yell and chant anti-Trump remarks.

In more than 13 states in America, anti-Trump protesters have taken to the streets to express their disbelief, fears and concern for a nation that is projected to fail under Trump’s leadership.

Though America has its own shocking history of post-election violence as explained in details here, the pattern seemed to have given way to a culture of decorum amongst Americans after elections.

With Trump’s win at the presidential elections only two days ago, old things have become new in America. Citizens in different parts, as seen above, are turning out in their numbers and their major contention is with what appears to be the new reality for a country that touts herself as “united”.

Through Donald Trump’s three-month campaign, he made offensive remarks about almost every minority group in the society. Women, African-Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, LGBT etc, were targeted during and even before his campaign. In the early days, his actions were seen by most as campaign tactics, as the election drew closer, it became known that this presidential hopeful was everything unpresidential, despite his frequent denials.

Donald Trump easily called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and promised to build a wall to keep immigrants from coming in to the US, to the black community, he said, “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?“, he casually ridiculed America’s respected democracy and explicitly declared that the election would be rigged in his opponent’s favour, he openly talked down on women and faced several sexual assault scandals days before the election, he called for a ban on Muslims and suggested that they hate the US. Yet, he won!

All of these define the fears of the protesters on the streets. Will campaign-Trump be the same as president Trump?

If one is to judge based on his acceptance speech, then you might want to cut the president-elect some slack. “I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans and this is so important to me“. Donald Trump’s conciliatory gesture, apparently, does not strike a responsive chord with the millions of Americans whose hope and safety in America is now being threatened.

President-elect Donald Trump is on the verge of sabotaging the American Dream. It’s been only 72 hours since the elections and there are already reports of hate crimes targeted against hijab-wearing Muslims, Latinos and African-Americans. These unrelated events have been linked to the Trump win and there are possibilities of a significant rise in this type of attacks.

Along the same line, police are not able to curtail the protests just yet and it is not known when or if the unrelenting protesters will give up just yet. On social media, a number of groups have scheduled fresh protests for the swearing-in week in January. The same message resonates throughout the protests and it’s “Not My President“.

Will America ever accept Donald Trump as president? The answer is No. But what all of this will lead to is what we’re not sure of but it’s not looking any good.


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  1. Comment:am very exited 4 the victory of triump Donald as the president of united state of America,i pray he fulfied his promise,by by fighting corruption in Nigeria

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