Donald Trump’s family to the rescue just before final presidential debate

The third and final presidential debate in the run-up to the US presidential elections is tonight. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be going head to head for the third time only three weeks to the election.

It’s general knowledge that Republican candidate, Donald Trump has not had it good since the video of him making vulgar remarks about women surfaced on the internet just few days before the second presidential debate. That video and all the … events have put every other issue that surround Trump’s campaign on the back-burner.

National and state polls are no longer in Trump’s favour, Clinton is leading in most with about 12 points and even in swing states where there had been prior fears that the Democrat was losing. The rest of the universe may be working against Trump but his family is solidly behind him, granting interviews, releasing statements to the press, debunking every accusations and making more enemies.

Two days ago, Trump’s wife, Melania was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and she, in almost the same lines as her husband, referred to the lewd comments as “boys’ talk”. At the second debate two weeks back, Trump denied being involved in any of the acts he boasted about in the video with NBC host, Billy Bush. He had talked kissing women without their consent and grabbing them by the p___y.

Between that debate and now, more than 10 women have publicly confirmed that he had actually kissed or groped them without against their wil, but Melania still insists that “it’s all lies”. She took her defense of her husband to her another level by asserting that he was “egged on” to say the things he said. If we have to believe her, then it would mean Donald Trump, a proven misogynist, sexist and bigot who is not afraid to express himself, regardless of who gets hurt, was prodded to say he grabs women by the p___y in a conversation that he dominated.

This interview is Melania’s first public appearance in defense of her husband since the leak and it gives us every reason to believe that the Trumps are desperate to save the campaign at all costs.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka has equally felt a need to drop a few statements hours before the debate. Though she acknowledges that the comments are “inappropriate and offensive” but she has told America that most of those who write about him do not know him like she does.

Trump’s wife has been mostly silent through his campaign since he won the Republican ticket, especially since Melania’s attempt turned out a major flop and daughter, Ivanka had inexplicably distanced herself from the whole show for a while until now. All these moves reek of desperation, the American media has made its choice of a winner and it’s not Trump, women and children have chosen and we can tell just by the body language, majority of the Republicans have declared that they will not be voting him, so basically Trump has mostly family to fall back on in these dire times.

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