EidAlFitr: Divergent views trail Sultan’s directives on celebration

Sultan EidAlFitr

The EidAlFitr is one celebration that many Islamic Faithful in Nigeria look forward to, following the conclusion of holy month of fasting – Ramadan.

Each year, as it appears, there are cases of disparities across countries as it concerns the celebration and the one thing that fuels this is the failure to sight a new moon to signal the start of a new month.

In Saudi Arabia, the Eid celebration has been placed to a halt because the moon was not sighted on Friday night to signal celebrations for today, however, some Nigerians believe that a new moon was sighted and that it was alright for us to celebrate after the long fast.

The Sultan of Sokoto had earlier announced a halt in the celebration because as reported in Saudi Arabia, no new moon was seen.

Now following the Sultan’s announcement, a few Nigerians have reacted to the news differently: some stated that it was unnecessary to follow the directives from Saudi Arabia even though a new moon has been sighted in Nigeria, while another half stands with the Sultan in his directives to fast one more day and move up celebration tomorrow.

For many years, the moon sighting from Saudi Arabia had always been a green light many Muslims rely on to move on to celebrate the Eid, however, one country was the first to say no and move on with the celebration following the sighting of a new moon in the country – Somalia.

While Somalia may have gone against all odds to move on with the celebration, ‘African Giant’ – Nigeria is moving with the directives from Saudi Arabia.

This decision has led many to react to the Sultan’s decision as few have shared that it still sets the idea of slavery to the minds of Nigerian Muslims.

While many expressed their disappointment in the postponement of the celebration, a few also took side with the Sultan as they expressed that as long as the directives have been given, then it should be followed duly. For many, today had been planned out as the celebration but this kind of thing is not new in the Muslim community as there have been times where plans had changed because of the Moon.

Some Twitter users also pointed out that the Sultan didn’t solely make the decision as it was a decision reached by a community of selected Muslim scholars in Nigeria.

However the story finally unfolds, Nigerians are hoping for the best with this celebration in these trying times as many have also shared on Twitter.

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