Excuse me: Four reasons I won’t follow you back on Twitter

@SOluwatobi U dey expect make I tell U befor U ff back abi?

So, I got the above from one of my new followers last week. This is just one out of numerous “follow back” requests I receive. I just don’t get why people treat “follow back” as if it’s a fundamental human right.

I have several reasons for not following some folks back, so, I thought I should air them via this medium. Note that Just as I won’t, many others will not follow you back due to the following reasons.

  1. You are an egg: What does it cost to upload a profile picture? Nothing! Once all we see on your profile picture is an egg, especially when we’ve never met or interacted before, we’re forced to treat as an unserious being and you know what that means – we navigate off your profile.
  2. Poor or No bio: How on earth should I treat you as a serious being when you have this as your bio? “I AM JUST a sweet guy…” No, I don’t think you’re that sweet! J If you are, then tell us how sweet you are in 160 characters. Who are you? What do you do? Most people on twitter will want to know who they’re about to follow. Er, even if there’s nothing good to write about you, at least, lie! If you need help on writing a good bio, I wrote a piece about it few weeks ago here
  3. Your twitter stream says I shouldn’t: Most times, I allow people’s stream speak for them (at least, when I have some time). I scroll down and peruse your previous tweets. I believe that most times, people are what they tweet. So, if a large chunk of your tweets do not fall within my circle of interest, I won’t follow you. If all you’ve been tweeting are how your boyfriend bought you the latest BB, what your cat ate last night…Sorry, I can’t follow you.
  4. I just don’t want to hear from you, at least on twitter: Simple! One of the major reasons I refuse to “follow back” certain people even when we’ve met prior Twitter is simply because I do not want to hear from them on Twitter. This is probably due to the same reason I reduced my Facebook activities. (ask me why only when we meet J) YES! This is not a sub. I am the captain of my soul, I can decide who to listen to on which medium per time. I want to keep my timeline clean and free of certain types of tweets.

NOTE: If you have more important reasons why you want someone to follow you back such as important (where important means IMPORTANT) DM interactions, tweet it upfront, and allow them to decide.

A ‘follow back’ is nobody’s right on twitter.



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  1. No, you don't feel like. You don't wnt to. It is your account, Why not tell Kanye West to follow you back or RIhanna, They don't know you and don't feel like following you, its that simple. Its not your right to be followed back.

  2. Did I just catch a whiff of pride and arrogance? How much does it cost to follow somebody back? How much do I get for following you? Of course, you are entitled to your opinion as I am to my privacy. Some people are not convenient with revealing their personal information on the internet. As a matter of policy, I accept every request that comes my way and I have the option of ignoring your rantings if you are not living up to expectations. Everybody Matters!

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