Ezekiel Solesi: Take charge of the change in your life (Y! Superblogger)

by Ezekiel Solesi

Deliberate change brings progress. Most importantly, deliberate change is reproducible, hence transferable from one generation to the other.

We live in a world of constant change. If you simply look around you, chances are that you’ll notice things around you have changed over the last few years, months or even weeks.

Yet, as we have often been reminded, not all change is progress. If you look around again, you’ll see that almost everything has changed. Yet not everything changed for the better. Some things did get worse. But perhaps the most fascinating thing about these changes are that some of them changed without us even noticing it.

Change is constant. But the sad thing about it is that most people do not change deliberately, so they become victims of what I call the external factors of change.

Deliberate change brings progress. Most importantly, deliberate change is reproducible, hence transferable from one generation to the other.

Hence for the sake of sustainable development and posterity we must always strive to change deliberately.

How do we achieve deliberate change?

Our society harbors a believe system that makes us think that a lot of things in life are In fact mysterious, that we don’t exactly hold the key to deliberately improving our lives, that “God” or “the gods” control our every move, choices and ultimately casts the details of our future in “STONE”

A funny story illustrates this point.

A black man intended to cross a river. He falls in, drowns and dies, the next one came, same thing happens, then after some time, some people can to a conclusion that since nobody can cross the river, there must be a ‘god’ in the river and they bring sacrifices to the supposed ‘god’ there.

A white man now came to cross the same river, drowns and dies, then the next one, by then the third one was now thinking about using a tree as a bridge.

Same situation, different conclusions.

This is in no way saying black people are fools. I’m in-fact a black man, yet this just shows what our society used to be like many years ago.

So how do we change deliberately

Here are three basic principles of deliberate change.

1- The law of cause and effect.

Nothing just happens

For you to begin the process of deliberate change you have to accept the law as true in your life.

For everything that you currently experience(effects) there was a cause. That seems like not too good news if we have to accept that all the “bad” things we are experiencing aren’t just some mysterious thing but effects of certain causes we created in the past, but if you consider that also for everything you want to experience tomorrow, you can start to create its causes now. You can change your future by doing things differently right now. By finding out what principles work and aligning your life with them

2- The law of continuous change.

This law proves the fact that man is constantly changing. What we see of you right now isn’t who you are, it who you were. Right now you’re becoming somebody else and you’re doing so by the choices you’re making right now.

We make choices then they turn around and make us.

We have full control of the choices we make but we do not have any control over what they make us. Hence our best chance is to guard our choices. Make the right choices. Knowing that according to the law of cause and effect we are creating a new us as we go along.

This is where successes are made. See, success is not a destination but a journey. However its also not a journey towards achievement but a journey of transformation. This is the reason why so many people start out to achieve a dream and just when they’ve achieved it, it doesn’t make sense to them anymore. They have become a different person than they hoped. In the process of ‘making it’ they lost themselves. In my opinion, they did not pay attention to their “becoming”. They didn’t pay attention to how they were achieving their dreams.

It’s important to dream and to have a goal, but in the end we’ll discover that it was all about the journey, not the destination.

3- The law of Responsibility.

The best illustration for the law of responsibility are students.

The student(when he gets an A) says

“I got an A”

The same student (when he gets an F) says

“that lecturer gave me an F”

Snap out of it boy, you got an A alright but you also got an F so face it and take full responsibility for both. Yes both.

The law of responsibility says; I’m responsible for everything that happens to me.

Have you met people whose problems and predicaments have to be someone else’ fault?

They never seem to agree that anything wrong is their fault.

Now do they really amount to anything?

Oftentimes I guess not.

For every time you blame someone else for something that happened to you, you are surrendering you humanity to that person. Making yourself less human than you are and ultimately confirming yourself a VICTIM.

Face it, take responsibility.

This is the BIG challenge. We know we create causes that bring about effects, we know we are constantly changing. However when we don’t take responsibility for what we are becoming we would only become a victim of our environment, or at best victims of the best or worst intentions of those around us.

So I encourage you to take responsibility for your life.

Change is inevitable, however we can change deliberately, become better people and most importantly provide the next generation with tools to equally deliberately change their world.


Ezekiel Solesi endeavours to simplify issues so for anyone to understand and make informed and deliberate decisions about their future. He blogs at www.limbsimple.com and tweets from @limbsimple.


Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

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