Falz vs 9ice: This is how to explain “the realm” of the Hard Life Hustle

by Alexander O. Onukwue

9ice talked about “the realm” – the experience you need to have had in life for you to appreciate the message of “Living Things”.

Most of you all are born with a silver spoon. You don’t know what the life of a ghetto child is. Your dad is a big man in Government and your mum works a decent job in Lagos. Look, you even schooled in a private University and did your Masters abroad.

Those are just some of the excuses that are being put up by those who want you to see reasons with 9ice’s promotion of ‘Yahoo Boys’ in the song “Living Things”. They are not going to let Falz or any other privileged person take away the rights of those who have had to grind through life’s rough paths to come to a reasonable standard of living.

To all that, there is the impulse to just say: “Shut. Up!”, but hey, you don’t shut people for holding what could appear wacky and madcap views. If you think of it, reaching out to explain why 9ice should be allowed to hail fraudsters in his song is not as absurd as taking a selfie of yourself and your crying children, while demanding the freedom of a notorious kidnapper.

But back to 9ice. Let’s allow that you need to be in the “realm” to understand the message he was passing in his song, that of one who wakes up and has to go make a living. The Movement by a living person to find Nutrition – it appears 9ice was merely talking about the ‘MR NIGER D’ acronym we used in secondary school to learn about the characteristics of living things.

But there was no mention in those classes that we had to defraud, were there? Life can be a tough place where survival comes to the fittest only, agreed, but is that the goal now? Are we going to now chop each other down as long as it will be our profit? Was that how the Biology teacher said we were supposed to arrive at the final letter, D?

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