Gender roles, Sharia in South West, Demolition respectability | Top non-binary tweets we saw from Nigeria last week

The task of documenting the trajectory of conversation on non-binary issues – sexuality, gender, mental and emotional health, faith and spirituality and disability – is both a labour of love and duty for us at YNaija.

We collated tweets we saw from last week that fit the non-binary blog themes. Some of these tweets add to an existing conversation while others reveal a fresh perspective to the discussion:

  1. A lot of the repercussions of the global pandemic – particularly with respect to its intangible impacts like the toll it took on our mental health – are still manifesting.
  1. There a 1000+ ways gender roles are enforced in patriarchal societies. A classic example that persists to this day is the gate-keeping of all things ‘masculine’ by men to keep women out of it.
  1. Sometimes the violence of patriarchal societies doesn’t always manifest in physical form, it can be simply social ostracism. A too high price to pay for the social animals that we are.
  1. The cost of homophobia in the lives of LGBT+ persons – from loss of job opportunities to loss of home, extortion and outright murder – has gone undocumented for so long. Thankfully not anymore.
  1. There is a reason women and their allies at the forefront of the fight for gender equality have remained vocal about the harm in society’s continuing demand that women submit to their husband. Below is one example that hopefully drives the message home a bit more:
  1. A win for crippling patriarchal societies’ tool of respectability, used to keep women in tow – lest they face scorn for not being virtuous women.
  1. A popular dishonest take used by privileged groups in oppressive societies – whether post-slavery era America or present-day Nigeria – is that if the oppressed pull themselves up by their bootstring they will be equals.
  1. The gospel truth is that sexism has no regard for status.
  1. A video of Kano State University of Science and Technology (KUST) male students openly harassing female students for wearing Abaya has forced many to examine the price of honouring society’s demand for female modesty.
  1. Northern Nigeria remains a case study for the dangers of hopping on the slippery slope of yoking religion with governance in multicultural and multi-religious societies. Hopefully, we never repeat history. 


Gender roles are prisons for men and women alike. The difference is that men unlike women get a licence to mock women for the very norms society forces them to conform to.

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