Girls and Corpses: The weirdest naked magazine cover EVER (LOOK)

courtney-stodden-girls-corpses (1)

Courtney Stodden for Girls and Corpses

Stars naked on covers may sell magazines, but can it still stir up controversy? There’s little stopping these desperate-for-attention stars from “baring it all” … Forget the sex appeal, Courtney Stodden is going for shock appeal with her latest naked magazine cover. The teen bride, sans any clothing, poses with a “corpse,” who kindly covers her naughty bits with his hands, on the cover of Girls and Corpses. Perhaps the magazine should consider renaming itself to Naked Girls and Corpses? The cover is a parody of “The Corpse Bride” and also an ode to Stodden’s claim to fame. Stodden infamously wed “Lost” actor Dough Hutchison at age 16.

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