Guys, listen and learn: 3 tips that will increase your success with women

by Alex Matlock


In order to seduce women, you need to have a unique personality. Women find unique personalities interesting because it takes them out of the mundane.

When it comes to being good with women, there’s actually a lot of things that can influence your success.

Today’s list focuses on one major trait many guys seem to overlook – uniqueness.

Being unique is a quality that’s incredibly important to women, but it’s also the one thing that makes us who we are.

Instead of doing what everybody else does, you should aim to be different and give women a reason for wanting to be with you.

1. Stand out from the pack.

One of the most common mistakes men make is to COMPLIMENT women ALL THE TIME.

This may be a good idea if she’s average looking and doesn’t get much attention, but OVERDOING it and or just doing it with beautiful women will do nothing but place you in the same basket with all of the other men who compliment her day in day out and aren’t able to see behind her looks.

Some men take this to such extremes that even average-looking women quickly realize they can do better.

You need to understand the only difference between average-looking women and gorgeous women is the fact hot women are very aware of how they look.

Everyone tells them the same thing every day, and if you approach them with the classic “You look beautiful” line, you’ll just show them you’re no different from any other guy out there.

If you want to be different, try talking and treating women like equals and act normal – because you are talking with normal people!

2. Become interesting if you want her to be interested.

In order to seduce women, you need to have a unique personality. Women find unique personalities interesting because it takes them out of the mundane.

This means you not only need to demonstrate value and quality personality traits from the get-go, but you also need to prove your life is something more than the “I work, eat and sleep” stereotype.

First impressions are key here, so make sure you also keep an upbeat attitude.

It’s good to get her talking about herself, but in the process, make sure you show her you have a PERSONALITY.

This is easily done by simply NOT being so overly impressed about what she says. Don’t argue with her, but don’t act all that impressed about the fact she’s a waitress.

You’ll be shocked just how many guys act overly impressed about the simplest things in women’s lives just because they think that will get them laid.

If she asks you for drinks, don’t just buy them on the spot. Make her work for it (ask for a kiss or something) enough to justify why you have to buy her a drink.

Most guys just do it and that instantly shows women just how easily controlled they are.

Women test men when they ask them for drinks. If you instantly buy one, you’ve failed the test.

Always be wary if she directly asks you for drinks and don’t offer to get any until you’ve got some sort of chemistry going.

As for your overall personality, make sure you demonstrate that you have goals and values in your life.

These are things like NOT taking s**t from anyone, wanting to leave that manager position and open your own business, having many friends, etc.

Women don’t fall for money and power. They fall for THE INVESTMENT.

If you want to know how to seduce women, then you need to learn how to sell yourself as a valuable investment.

You can be the poorest and most worthless guy in the world but if you can show her you are a valuable investment, that’s what will get you the girl.

3. Know how to have a conversation.

As you probably know, what you say to her and how you say it is what will eventually get her to sleep with you.

This means your conversational skills are absolutely paramount when it comes to seducing a woman.

Every Tom and John uses cheesy and weak pickup lines like “Hi, (compliment). Can I buy you a drink?”

So if you want to be unique, DON’T resort to such degrading lines and especiallyDON’T continue the conversation like this:

You: So what’s your name?

Her: [Her name]

You: What do you do for a living?

Her: I’m a French teacher.

You: How old are you?

Her: [her age]

You: Where do you live?

Her: What’s with the 21 questions?

When it comes to holding a decent conversation, this is WHAT MOST GUYS DO. These dudes just don’t get the fact that she is NOT a robot that answers random questions.

It’s easy to approach women. It’s even easier to open up a conversation.

Examples that will work 10x better:

Find something unique about her appearance and compliment that.

Example #1: “Hi, I really like your [item of clothing]” – make sure it’s something fairly unique.

Or you can just ask her a question about herself, her opinion, the situation or the place.

Example #2: “Hi, do you know where I can get some [whatever] around here?”

Finally, use one of the best and most underrated approaches:

Example #3: “Hi, I’m [name]. You are?”

In order to make yourself unique, the real skill lies in your ability to hold a decent conversation.

So instead of jumping from subject to subject like a machine, try to actually listen to her and ask related question about her answers:

You: So what do you do for a living?

Her: I’m a French teacher at our local primary school.

You: That’s interesting…I wonder – isn’t it kind of difficult working with kids?

Her: Yeah, it kind of is sometimes, but I find it very fulfilling.

You: Yeah, when I was a kid, I did all sorts of stupid things to upset my teachers.

Her: Haha, I guess we all did that didn’t we?

You: I think you’re right, hah! So why French? How did you decide to teach that?

Her: Well I was in France for a few years and I really enjoyed it there.

You: Really? I always wanted to go to France, but I can barely speak the language. So did you study in France or…

And it goes on and on.

What you need to do here is ask another question that seems to be related to the initial question. This way she won’t get bored nor will she feel like she’s at an interview.

She’ll be able to talk for hours about her life and feel that she has someone she can connect with.

If you also add your own “related” experience to what she’s saying, that connection will grow even bigger. Before you know it, she’ll be into you.


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