Holiday With Less Pay

It’s the holiday season – kids are on summer break, adults are on summer vacation. Your joy at this free
time away from the daily grind is eclipsed by your dread of the cost – bills tend to rack up obscenely
during holiday season. This year should be different; there’s no reason why you can’t go on holiday and
spend less pay.
Here’s how:
Free Treats:
o Not all holiday treats need be expensive. Take a trip to the beach, with your own
food, drinks and blanket.
Book Ahead:
o If you’re going to travel, the sooner you book, the better. Group rates may be
available, too.
Look for Discounts:
o Are you a student? A member of the Armed Forces? An older citizen? There may be
discounts available for you. Look for companion fare deals, too.
Use your Weekdays:
o Almost everything is cheaper on a weekday. Take advantage of your weekday to see
a movie; you’re likely to get half the price of the ticket, with a free drink and free
Observe the Sabbath day:
o If you’re a Christian, you can take advantage of the season. Most churches have
Harvests and Bazaars at this time of the year. If you choose to indulge your children,
you’ll probably pay less –the rates are heavily subsidized by the Church.
Soul Food:
o Rather than eating out, invite friends over for a lavish Sunday dinner – more
wholesome meals at half the cost.
Economical Travel:
o Though taxis may be the quickest way to get around a major city they are also one
of the more expensive means of travel. Instead, look for buses and trains. They offer
an economical means of travel and a great way to experience the local culture and
Happy Holidays!


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