#InCaseYouMissedIt: George Clooney granted bail after arrest at Sudanese embassy

by Chi Ibe

Actor George Clooney, 50, was arrested and detained alongside his father yesterday, 16 March during a human rights protest at the Sudanese embassy in Washington DC.

The actor and his father were arrested for civil unrest but have been released after paying bail of $100 (£63).According to the BBC, the Hollywood star, his father and fellow activists had been led away in handcuffs after ignoring repeated police warnings to leave the embassy grounds.

Clooney addressed reporters after his release saying his major concern was the fate of those in the region.”Best estimate is tens of thousands of people are going to die from starvation… this isn’t a famine, this is a man-made tragedy by the government of Khartoum to get these people to leave,” he said.

The BBC claims that Clooney has called on the Sudanese government to permit humanitarian aid in to the area immediately and to “stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children”.

The UN estimates that nearly 300,000 people have died and 2.7 million been displaced since the Darfur conflict broke out in 2003.

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  1. We can expect to see more of this all over the world soon, including America. People's immune systems have been weakened, some devastated, by GMO "foods" we can't identify, chemtrails with so many toxins in them, including aluminum, a neurotoxin, hat no one doctor could identify all the conditions they can case, fluoride in water and now in foods as a "preservative", arsenic in chicken, beef, turkey and pork contains rBGH (so does milk and cheese), ractopamine and antibiotics (and maybe some superbugs), the seafood is now untrustworthy due to Corexit or radiation and we can't identify THOSE, and the list just goes on and on. Now farming has been cut back, and organic farms are under attack. The economy is ALSO under attack, and in such a way that a total collapse can be triggered pretty much whenever the government chooses. THEN there will be an engineered food and water shortage on top of all the other problems. Medical care will be at a premium, and they will likely be ORDERED to triage according to battlefield standards: let the old, the sick and injured die, get the strong and healthy back up to help with the "emergency" – no doubt from a FEMA Camp, aka a giant Petri dish where they can REALLY get sick.

    YES! HELP THESE PEOPLE! But help yourselves too, and educate yourselves, prepare to take care of yourselves and your own, to help your neighbors. The government is no longer your friend, if it ever was. U.N. Agenda 21 is real, and it's up and running, right now. This is why there is no help now in Darfur! This is why there will BE NO HELP here either. W A K E U P!

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