Is it just us, or is Mrs. Etuk actually looking uglier than ever? – YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review: Jan 30 – Feb 3

by Joy Ehonwa

"Fred and Sheila Ade-Williams"

“I am not your nurse Mr. Ade Williams, I am your wife!” And with those words, the long awaited end to the charade finally arrived. Fred now knows how much time he has lost – that he broke up with Laide 6 years ago, that Reginald is dead, that Reel Studios has indeed gone public; that Phillip has made a couple of movies and that Amaka’s baby was fathered by a man named Daniel Etuk who also happened to be Reginald’s killer.

While there’s still a lot he doesn’t know, his doctor advised that small doses would be better. Then he said that he questioned the wisdom of hiding the truth from Fred for so long. Really, Doc? We have no words.

Fred looked rather pitiable as he stared at his wedding photos and, feeling no flicker of recollection, put the album aside with a sigh. The fact that he blamed Sheila for allowing another woman into their home, without even acknowledging all that she had been through, didn’t exactly warm our hearts. We can only hope that the new doctors are competent, so that this ordeal can at last be over.

Soji went through with his plan to take responsibility for Varere’s death, and is now behind bars. As shaky as his “confession” was, Sankey chose to believe him. It’s suspicious that Tare is so sure he didn’t do it and went to visit him at the station. Considering that Telema’s hair band was found at the scene of the crime, that on the night of Varere’s death Tare made some vague claim of having partied all night, and that she couldn’t satisfactorily explain why she changed her clothes, i’m surprised Sankey hasn’t really looked her way.

No surprises though that Shalewa is learning the hard way how a few bad choices can cost you a lot. As a result of the secondhand smoke she inhaled at the club, she now has acute laryngitis. She can’t speak and won’t be able to sing for weeks, maybe even months. And even then there’s a chance her voice may never be the same. To make matters worse, Shoshanna’s mother, speaking on behalf of the other girls’ mothers, has accused Shalewa of being a bad influence. She told Titi that Shalewa led them to smoke and sneak out to clubs. But the worst of all is that when Tokunbo called Shalewa to express his hurt, she literally couldn’t say a word. She had better send him a text, and make it a good one.

Then. Amaka just may be crazier than Angela. She walked out on Nero and moved into the Ade-Williams house, leaving Nero alone at her place. Now she’s pushed him so far he has decided they need a break. It is really sad that a history of treacherous lovers has left Amaka unable to recognise a good man, no?

Meanwhile, Detective Sankey found out that Mrs. Etuk gave a relative some money to place an advert in the newspaper commemorating her late son’s birthday. Sankey came up with a plan for Amaka to place one of her own in order to provoke Mrs Etuk into calling, and it worked. Mrs Etuk called and vowed to make Amaka suffer for trying her patience so sorely, and the call was traced.

Luckily it was something else the witch threw into the water – Amaka’s baby is still alive! With any luck, the police will get there in time to rescue him from her evil hands.

Was it just us, or is Mrs. Etuk actually looking uglier than ever? Till next week!

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