Is it possible to live and survive, earning 30K in Lagos?

30K In Lagos

A few years ago (Many few years ago, in fact), 30,000 Naira may have sounded like a big deal and anyone with 30K could probably say they have a lot. In this time and age, however, 30K is not something that would excite someone as a very large amount of money, talk more of earning it monthly as a salary.

On Twitter, 30K in Lagos is trending, and this is one trend that Lagosians and Nigerians alike are using to tell the world just how little in value, the Nigerian currency is when compared to other currencies of the world.

This trend is followed after some influencers incited that it is possible to survive Lagos on a 30,000 Naira salary if only one can plan well and budget based on priority. However, people on Twitter streets are not having it as many has expressed with power that it is just not possible to survive Lagos for all it is, with just N30,000.

They pointed out that there are certain things alone that will ensure that the money doesn’t go as far as it is supposed to go.

As it appears, many Twitter users pointed out that it is not possible to live a comfortable life with a salary as small as 30K. Other Twitter users, however, said that the comfort may not be there, but that it is entirely possible to survive Lagos with that amount. Transportation, as it appears, seems to be a concern for a lot of people who were on this trend as they also called on the government to make comfortable and affordable transport solutions for Lagosians.

Some Twitter users went further to breakdown some budgeting ideas for people who may be earning salaries in that range as they also pointed out that it may not work for everyone.

There was a thin line between people who think it is very possible to live on that amount and those who thought differently and that is the idea of doing things based on what one earns. They pointed out that some people who earn so much still struggle with debts and if people can understand their needs based on their salaries, then it is possible.

Some Twitter users express that it is even unthinkable to suggest that anyone earn that amount of money in Lagos as they also shared, in detail, just how hard it can be living in Lagos.

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