It is finished: Bishop David Benenoch announces divorce – for “spiritual reasons”

by Akan Ido

There are unconfirmed reports that the Founding Pastor of the Communion Church and the President Bishop of Communion Church Worldwide, Bishop David Benenoch has decided to divorce his wife, Esther Benenoch.

He said he was putting a stop to the marriage which has lasted twenty years and produced three children due to “spiritual reasons” but he declined to comment further on the exact reason for seeking divorce.

According to reports, Bishop Benenoch’s wife who is a blogger, has on several occasions expressed her thought on the subject of divorce which she has always preached against.

Only recently, Reverend Kris Okotie, General Overseer of the Household of God church also announced a separation from his wife in church giving “spiritual reasons” for his decision.

Well, Pastor Kris has always been a trend-setter…

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  2. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you because You work out all things together for good for those who love you and who are the called according to your purpose. Help us the Body of Christ to return to the foundation, the order you ordained for our marriages. It is written: if the foundation be destroyed, what will the righteous do? When we move away from the foundation of the word of god and refuse to align our marriages according to Your divine purpose, like the house built upon the sand, it collapses when rain, storm and waves begin to hit our homes. It is written concerning our Lord Jesus that He would not judge by the hearing of the ears or the seeing of the eyes, but with righteousness and equity He declares judgment because He delights in the fear of God (Isaiah 11: 3-5), help us like Jesus to delight ourselves in the fear of God and also to persistently stand to intercede for leaders knowing that the enemy attacks families in order to attack the work of the Lord. make us watchmen and grant us the mind of Christ in all the so that we understand that which is your will at all times even on such issues as this, in JN name, Amen! You reconciled Benny Hinn and his wife, Prophetess Victoria and her husband after 8yrs and many others for all things are possible with you. Therefore we are not to be faint hearted knowing that you totally in control. thank you Father for working out, even this one for a great glorious purpose in JN, amen!

  3. Truth be told there is no substitute for Holiness and God is not a respecter of persons in regards to His word and judgement.we are in the last days

  4. Attacks from the pit of hell against God's generals and their homes…..I believe PRAYER is what we need for everyone.

  5. My Lord Bishop Chris Matthew sir. You sound a perfectionist in your write up about your co-laborer and Bishop. Every genuine preacher have his dark moments these come in different forms this could be his.

    No well thinking pastor will applause him for what he did but same time not to condemn him. Bishop Benenock's family needs your prayer now than anytime. Sir You cannot correct a person you are critical about.

    No man Will ordinarily want to destroy what took him years to build. Doctors make mistakes,lawyers,Lecturers and lots more but they correct themselves ethically, they hardly use the media against one another.

    Conclusively sir You should follow the true Bishoprick ethics only this will show to the world that we are becoming mature in handling dark moments.

    My Lord Bishop sir, don't forget what happened between Evangelists Jimmy swaggart and Evangelists Jim Baker in the late 80s and early 90s.We owe each other intercession and encouragement.

  6. This is unbelievable. My Bishop normally addresses our charming mummy Esther as "my babe, my under sixteen and my girlfriend". Where has all these gone to. Bishop, you inspired most of us to love our wives, you always said you were anointed to wed couples and not to "de-wed". What has happened Sir? I am so worried and wish this were a false story but as i confirmed from members of the headquarter church, something left me. We call you the oracle, because you bring forth God's worth with such precision and clarity that one will think you were one of the authors of the Bible. My DADDY, this is not you. Mummy, has never been anything short of a Mother in Israel. Please don't join them. Whatever is the virus that is catching up with church leaders' and destroying their marriages MUST be resisted.God is not an author of confusion, he could possibly directed a divorce and what else could be spiritual than that that comes from GOD. God hates divorce. THINK AGAIN MY LORD SPIRITUAL!

  7. its absolute true that…..Judgement would start from the Church.


  9. you need help. it does not take 20 years to discover or decode a jezebel!!!!! and the verse you qouted is out of context

  10. Without referring to the persons involved in these matter of Divorce. I want to write about a trend that I see as criminal amongst ministers of the gospel. Especially amongst some of these so called big shots (bishops), who without shame and respect for the Bible and God's Kingdom, which they claim to represent by openly declaring they are divorcing their wives.

    How come no woman has openly done so too their husbands. Does it mean these men are perfect? The answer is a capital letter, "NO".

    God bless these women, who spend a good part of their youthful lives to suffering with these Pastors when there was nothing to show then. No money, no name, no viable ministry to show.

    Yet when some of these pastors make it big, out of their greed an insatiable craze for materialism begin to want to change everything.

    It is common that when you have money, you change your house and even your environment. You want to change your wardrobe, your cars and even friends.

    We seem to now want to change wives, since we are now in the circle of updated babes, who are younger, more attractive in every form of the word attractive; than that wife you have had from the archaic days of struggle (20 years ago to be precise). Many may even want to change their children.

    There are only three reasons why a marriage will lead to any form of breakage. These men should stop lying in their teeth thinking they are talking only to their sheepish members who most often have no minds of their own.

    No pastor or Bishop, should insult the Ecclesiastic order by coming to tell us the hogwash that their divorce is purely spiritual.


    1. Irreconcilable differences – It is not possible for this to be happening and the church would not know or members of their household. If the marriage breaks due to this fact, there would be people who would say, we knew it would get to this. Every marriage including my own is faced with this. We must learn to manage our situations.

    2. Infidelity/Unfaithfulness – When the man or the woman begins to have sex outside his/her marriage, it could lead to breakage. Most of the time when they rush to another marriage, that actually was the person they had been sleeping with outside their marriage. The bond woman would always want more by asking the (M.U.M.U) man to marry her and divorce his wife. We have seen pastors who took other peoples wifes ans marry them. They counseled the woman out of her marriage when she was having trouble in her previous marriage.

    3. Demonic Attacks – Satan can decide to come against any marriage an if they are not prayerful and do not seek help from their spiritual head by those who father them ans give them spiritual oversight, it could lead to marriage.

    Please, Please, Please. No man should come up with that lie from the pit of hell, that God told him or her to divorce his wife. So God didn't see it twenty years ago when they are marrying.

    Somebody should go and check very well, there is a young fresher damsel making him feel young again. Time will tell. Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours.

    1. Thank you so much Bishop for bringing this to light. We really need to lift up leadership in prayer!

    2. NA WAOOOO. I dont know what to say. Are these not the so called fathers and mentors some of us desire to be like? Take tithes to in other to tap into their anointing. I'm almost confussed, are these the same marriage counselors and preachers? LOOK OUT OF THE WINDOW WITH SCRIPTURAL EYES: THE SAVIOUR IS AT THE DOOR!!

    3. Well i av nothing 2 say dan God help us. It is well by his grace

  11. Let no man be fooled by the name “MAN OF GOD;of a thing.many hide under this name to commit evils.they can deceive men and their selves,but not God. these pastors want to evangelize divorce in christiandom?Hell fire is real,repent or be there.

  12. Pastor David Benenoch Anounces divorce following Chris Okotie's footsteps. It is better to divorce than to live with and eat from the table of Jezebel – Revelation2:20. These guys know what they are doing. There are many wives of pastors and supposed women of God that are actually Jezebel but it may take even as far as some 10 – 25years to decode them because they are very creative and beautiful.

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