Opinion: The troublesome dilemma bedeviling Jega

by Ralph Egbu

JegaJega worst dilemma comes from the card reader issue. It is a good idea executed in a very wrong man­ner. INEC organized lesser elec­tions where the machines should have been test run and their effi­ciency ascertained

I have done a lengthy discourse on the Jega dilemma, but changed my mind to this short one. What is happening with INEC is perfectly in line with our character. We like subversion, infact it has become a norm; the fruits of contradictions is what we are reaping and everybody is crying instead of saying enough is enough.

Jega had four years to plan for 2015 and see what he has made of it. He said he was very ready February 14 and 28 dates, but if we love truth, we would agree that with what we now know it would have being a huge dis-service to the ideals of democracy and a disaster for the nation if we had gone ahead with those polls.

I heard some say we have higher number of registered voters this time and say nothing if wrong and ask because things were wrong yes­terday, should that continue to be the standard. The truth is that Jega acting to ethnic dictates, set up the February poll to be won by a pre­ferred party and candidate, that is what I can get by the way he shared the voters’ card.

Jega said what can he do if others were more eager to collect the voters’ cards than others. Illogical it seems when even war torn areas collected all their cards, I don’t want to reveal that a friend from the north who stays outside the region told me his family cards were collected on their behalf by politicians from the area, and this was against what INEC said was the rule.

Jega worst dilemma comes from the card reader issue. It is a good idea executed in a very wrong man­ner. INEC organized lesser elec­tions where the machines should have been test run and their effi­ciency ascertained, talking about it now, when the textual context of politics looks strange is to court trouble; what is more INEC on the issue seem to probate and rep­robate.

They want to stem rigging which the readers would help to do and at same time make provision for persons who fail the accredita­tion to vote. This one looks curious. If my past knowledge serves me well, then this would provide elec­toral officials big latitude to do the greatest harm to fair elections.

I am worried about APC and Arewa Forum’s defense of Jega over shoddy preparations, it tells a story. I have prayed that this elec­tion will not give us reasons to do our great nation in. I hope God an­swers this prayer.

Peoples’ Parliament (1)

Re: Jonathan or Buhari who?

Both do not meet what we want at this time. What we need now are visionary and inspirational leaders which both are not. But since we are restricted to the two, Jonathan comes close for various reasons including National Unity and Cur­rency. Buhari is good and means well but now is not his hour.

Eddy – 08137718156

Hello Ralph, you have said it in your today’s piece. But I would rather accuse Doyin Okupe and Rueben Abati of outright sabotage, Honestly – 08030402004

You are a wonderful person, I don’t know whether to take you as a Pastor or a soothsayer but all the same, I enjoy reading your arti­cles. Jonathan or Buhari who? The article was a master piece. Thank for opening our eyes. My problem with Mr. President is that during his tenure he did not remember that Po­lice existed. – 08038217183

Jonathan can win only in Delta, Bayelsa, Anambra, Enugu, Cross- River, Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Abia And Ebonyi State. He is a monu­mental failure and most Nigerians cannot see his exit.

– 08141161913

Ralph Article on Jonathan or Bu­hari is not bad, but I swear I voted Jonathan in 2011 but he will be the first President to lose election. Cor­ruption and looting has finished him. – 08067712713

Ralph I am a psychiatrist and I can assure you on good authority that yours is delusional, very soon Nigerians shall speak and the rug drawn off your feet. You are Igbo and one vote for Joe and I ma Igbo, one Vote for Buhari. The lie against Buhari is a reminder of a drowning man that clutches at the straw.

– 0810307997

Haba Mr. Ralph! In summary this election is between character leadership versus visionary leader­ship. According to James Harley Chase, come easy, go easy. Good­luck got power cheaply that he could not treasure it. He shared the power to

thugs, his wife and political criminals. Many people will vote for Buhari just to vote out Good­luck. Nigerians are tired of po­litical immaturity! CAN President and Goodluck told us in one daily newspaper that northern governors are not sponsoring Northern Chris­tians to Jerusalem. Is that news? This is not the right time for such sentimental information! Kneeling down from one crusade to another is exposing his deficiency political­ly. Anywhere he sees large crowd of congregation, he will be on his knees for Pastoral blessing! This at­titude is common during elections. Goodluck used his office to listen to what he wanted to head and he was told, it is time for Nigerians to decide! Just wait for shocker. Tutu – 08033218605

Your write up is very insightful. It is the bitter truth most people don’t want to hear. But wishful thinking is not realistic thinking. So many things have altered our politi­cal landscape making old political equation obsolete and unwork­able. This is what is lacking in the mindset of those called power bro­kers of Sauduana one North that is now extinct. What more? The new rank and file of the military are now coming into their own and so far loyal to their commander in-chief. The Niger-Deltans previously doc­ile have now tested both power and petro dollar and are not letting go easily. Finally the other forces are pushing the south-east and south-south to unite and once they do, the rest is the proverbial history.

Chris O. Maduka chriso­[email protected]

Ralph my dear, the problem of Nigeria is that all those who pretend to love her are actually tribalists deeply working for the supremacy of their ethnic group over other. In a good country, a man like Soyinka should not be quoted on pages of National Newspapers abusing the President of his nation. His mind and soul are sewn into the spirit of his tribe and not Nigeria. Check his action and utterances right from 60s. it is a pity. He is a complete nuisance.

Arch Peter – 07034115240

Ralph in every profession, per­centage of real professionals to those who stray in for personal ends is very low, hence the prevalence of unprofessional acts all over, includ­ing the media. Many of them even at the apex of tabloids, have set aside professionalism, for personal gains from the polity, which is the haven for callous ethnic, insensitive and corrupt leader in Nigeria. Nige­rians are governed by treasury loot­ers, propelled by equally callous, unprofessional and mindless media men who have ceded aside the eth­ics of their profession for a plate of sour and half cooked beans. Ni­gerians are being killed by Boko Haram, a creation of desperate politicians just for ethnic and selfish accomplishments of “thiefers” we call leaders, backed by some media frauds. Let your professional likes hold their own. God is awake over our plight. His wrath shall descend upon the unjust, soonest.

Lai Ashadele – 07067677806.


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