On Hip-Hop, Video Vixens, and the rest of us; Thought Couture by Joy Bewaji

By Joy Isi Bewaji

From the few amazing hip-hop lyrics Nigerians have had the privilege of listening to, to the grumpy mishap of so many others, it would seem that hip-hop admires only one kind of woman – the heavily endowed anatomy that is ‘packed’ on both ends with a lot of thick flesh not easily shaken. In a way, this has formed the ideal kind of woman for even regular dudes with no concrete reason why they seem drawn to that specification. Whatever thoughts we have of black music (especially) and how it runs the risk of making teenage girls lose their virginity too fast, or a desperate need for women to wear butt pads and padded bras just to fit the stereotype hip-hop look, it is at risk of making young men treacherously deluded when it comes to their expectations of the female form.

Hilarious as it may seem that a grown man with, hopefully, a working brain would need to pick a partner based on the size of her boobs in comparison with that of Amber Rose and expect that singular decision should lead to a happy relationship is beyond me. But it is happening every day. It is a culture that derides any woman with average built. And because we rely mostly on hip-hop more than any other genre to entertain us, we are quick to buy into the fantasies of what is on offer.

One of it is the unnecessary need for guys to be insensitive. If you go on twitter most guys, between the ages of 18 – 32, spend too much of their time dissing women and their body-parts. A tweet that speaks tactlessly on women and how far many of them are cursed with small this-and-that would receive many staggering re-tweets and replies in only a few minutes. This goes to show that the best way to stay relevant and cool on social network is to pick jokes at women. It wouldn’t be so pathetic if the women themselves did not indulge these boys, trying to make them see how blessed they (women) are to be endowed with the ideal hip-hop anatomy by displaying their body parts at the only form of identification on their pages. There is, of course, the ripple effect that comes out of this – people meet up, sex happens, life becomes complicated. And to get some kind of sanity back, we turn to the music and the cycle happens all over again.

Secondly, it is disturbing how women allow a few videos, probably photo-shopped look of another woman determine their own level of beauty and happiness. It used to be that everyone wanted to be fit, especially for health reasons; we work out, try to lose all that weight and stay a size 4 hopefully (unless you are born with big bones). When you do all the necessary exercise and diet, the normal result would be smaller breasts and fitter buttocks. That is a way of keeping the weight issues at bay. But now we are back to the fattening room, not because we really want to be fat but we need certain parts of our bodies to remain fat so we fit into the needs of the 21st century guy who just cannot think straight or make any concrete decision in life without the need to ride on an XXXL sized booty.

It’s a hip-hop problem.

Even our idea of love and relationship is twisted. A guy that shows any form of vulnerability towards the opposite sex is considered a douche bag, a fag, less-than-a-man. The culture of hip-hop expects him to be brash, insensitive, rough, tough, easy to discard, and indifferent. And if at all he thinks you are cool (after assessing if you have a whooping booty and actual boobs), he makes it clear it’s just for the shags, no commitment…

So the results are: too many hos, too many players, lots of drugs, air-heads, and a total depreciation of societal values.

Along the line, we see that violence also finds a place in the equation with bratty, unapologetic behaviour from young adults who should be more concerned about building careers.

Little wonder we have women who would readily make themselves available for a quack doctor to inject cement into their butt! It is sheer madness that has been fuelled for years by hip-hop.

Here’s a story so gloriously tacky that it never leaves the lips of a circle of friends: it is about a guy who was sold on the hip-hop hype and wanted to be with a thick woman so badly that all he cared about was the size of certain parts of a woman. He ends up with one with just the right size that could compete with any video vixen. They get into the groove and pow!!! He discovers she’s just “a bag of fat” after all the clothes “keeping ‘em all together” comes off!

And then another one who marries the anatomy-of-desire, exchange vows with these body-parts he chose for himself and then right in front of him, she grows obese after three children.

You see, it’s just music. Even when they sell a certain kind of image, these musicians live very different lives away from the pictures you see in their videos.

So doesn’t it make you rather unintelligent that you would carve your own desires and future around something that is almost unreal?

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  1. Hahahahaha! Toksyk is obviously high on cheap drugs. Pls don't tell me you don't know that the picture isn't the writer. OMG!!!! bwahahahahaha!

  2. Huh?! Are u confusing Joy with Vixen?

  3. I'm confused..this 'video vixen' is complaining about the same nonsense SHE helps to perpetrates! Go figure KMFT

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