K-Solo pulls another stunt? Producer engaged to another woman, after “reconciling” with “abused” wife

by Hauwa Gambo

Maybe we should apologise for blighting your pleasant afternoon with this trashiness, but it is difficult to take your eyes off a trainwreck.

So first producer K-Solo’s (Kikelomo Oyeniyi) pregnant wife goes around the world, claiming that her husband is a soul-less wife-beater. Then the husband denies.

Weeks after, they come out in the most transparently ridiculous stunt you would find in Sub-Saharan Africa and claim that the wife-beating saga was all a stunt and they were just “playing for” their (non-existent) fans and, you know, all is well.

Then now, K-Solo (who in his other life used to produce hits for stars like Timaya) goes on Facebook to announce that he is now engaged to another woman he calls his “love” – and the engagement was yesterday.

This is the kind of thing that makes you tired of life.

Oh, by the way, K-Solo also has singles – which, of course, you have never heard about – and, if God be so kind to you, you will never listen to.

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  1. I swear this is the meanest sub ever!!!! You are soooo not nice! LMAO

  2. Hauwa is a meanie..

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