Kehinde Bankole: Help! I’m multi-talented ( 30 days, 30 voices)

by Kehinde Bankole


“Being ‘Multi-gifted’ or ‘Multi-talented’ if not managed well can cause a great deal of confusion and may serve to work against you rather than help you.”

I have thought of many interesting things to write about and share, and yes, many ideas came up!

I had thought; Whatever I choose to write must project me as being in charge, eloquent, sound, fun, vibrant and of course a very trendy and uptown girl. However, I finally decided to do myself and you a favour, I decided to be real.

I have been meditating long before the new year on “Multi-Talents”, the financial freedom it gives, the privilege of choices, the chance at uniqueness, the excitement of creativity ,the beauty and show off, but most accurately its DILEMMA!

I can’t speak for every multi-gifted person but I guess I may  speak for you and myself. Being ‘Multi-gifted’ or ‘Multi-talented’ if not managed well can cause a great deal of confusion and may serve to work against you rather than help you.

Your name was just announced as the outstanding marketer of the year,  for a company you market for, with an employment offer and a fat cheque. You leap forward to the stage, the love for marketing apparent all over your glowing face! The community football club will not play if you are missing from the team, and it makes your head swell because you can’t imagine life without playing or coaching. All your soft bills are sorted thanks to your crazy graphic designing skills from that ‘side’ IT consulting business you do with all pleasure!

It’s been an eventful week. You sit back ,cross your legs and down the last refreshing cold glass of your “healthy way” – self-labelled – fresh soya juice you would have long stopped producing, except that the entire estate keeps making demands for it…

Then I knock on your door with a form and there’s a question on it boldly written, “IN ONE SENTENCE, DESCRIBE YOUR WORK” What do you do? The heavy sweat starts to break out on your forehead.

So back to real time; if you fit into this description partially or fully, then you are multi-talented! Sit back and think deeply about where you really want to go , how you want to be perceived and what you hope to use your life to achieve.

Be careful not to spread yourself too thin all at once on all your abilities so you can have peace, focus and also enjoy life while you build yourself a career rather than slave away at everything leaving little or no chance to rest or enjoy life.

Itemize all you can do, recognise each of your abilities as what they are and start treating them as such. Learn to delegate some duties.

Identify the most important ones, and continue to harness and develop them, decide which one of your skills is the cash cow ( brings in the most money), so it finances the other important ones for the time being.

As you walk towards your grand vision, let go of whichever talent you are not excellent at because multi-talented people are not made to just be good or average at something, we are excellent people – we are extraordinary!

Have an extraordinary 2014 ahead!


Kehinde Bankole is a beautiful Nigerian actress who has featured in drama series and soaps like Tinsel, Echoes, Papa Ajasco & Co, Friends, Doctors Quarters, Crack in the wall to mention a few. She enjoys watching movies, writing, composing songs and sharing moments with family & friends. She tweets from @kenbankdimples

30 Days, 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians from across the world to share their stories and experiences – creating a meeting point where our common humanity is explored.

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  1. Totally agree with you Kehinde…… I've found myself in such situation, overtime, but I've learnt to focus all of my energy & attention towards one thing and not everything.

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