Lights, Camera, Tinsel! The all-star cast on Rubbin’ Minds

by Kayode Nubi

I was looking forward to this edition of Rubbin’ Minds! It was a breath of fresh air – different from the usual heavy political or economical episodes, as Y! TV was going all the way to MNet to interview some of its finest talents. I arrived at the Channels studio around 1.45pm to meet the Assistant Producer already printing the run down. I noticed she shared the same excitement as I did as we both looked at the sheet with a bold title –“TINSEL”. Yes! We were having all four angels today.

Goosebumps! I had them as the ladies walked in a few minutes before we went on air – there was no time to capture all of their beauty as I had to set up my work station. My thoughts were interrupted as the presenters – Shade Ladipo, followed closely by Chude Jideonwo rushed into the studio and onto the make-up chair. Poof! Poof! went the powder on their faces, and they were ready to go.

Chude started the news roundup with the sad news of five fathers who would not be happy on Father’s Day as their children, who are NYSC corp members, were kidnapped. (Thank God they are now free.) Shade fed viewers another chunk with the news of the bombing that happened in Abuja. “Have we moved on to bombing,” she asked? Chude quickly reminded her of those that happened during the elections and even the 50th anniversary celebration of independence.

Eko o ni baje o, but when a pupil falls to his death from a decision to make use of the toilet provided to him by the Lagos State government, then perhaps there is still much to be done. What was happening to the Tinsel vibes? It looked like it was all bad news, until I heard the words: “we’ll be back with the fantastic four ladies from Tinsel. Stay tuned.” Yes! They were done with make-up and were finally going on air.

Confession time! Chude is a Tinsel addict, but I wish I could the same for Shade Ladipo. Wait a minute, I have not yet mentioned the name of the Tinsel angels we had on the show. We met:

Ihuoma Ejiofor, who plays “Bimpe” on Tinsel. She is also a model. Tinsel is her first screenplay. She quickly said “I am not anything like “Bimpe”. I am not dumb but smart, but could be mischievous.”

Tomi Odunsi, who plays “Shalewa” on Tinsel, also a singer and songwriter. She started as a singer and songwriter influenced by her dad, but was glad to take up the Tinsel job.

Uzor Osimkpa, who plays “Delmwa” on Tinsel and also a cast member in other productions including: Oluronbi, Doctor’s Quaters, Edge of Paradise, and Shallow Waters. She also confesses to being more on stage than in class while at the University.

Maltida Obaseki, who plays “Angela” on Tinsel, and has been on two magazine covers – True Love and Zone.

“Nice meeting you divas, but then the biggest criticism Tinsel gets is that the accents are kind of fake,” Chude said. It was a loud ‘No’ from the girls, who said “we don’t have any speech lessons, and just talk naturally”. Well, personally the jury is still out on that, as I thought it was a South African show at first view.

To ease up the tension, Shade asked, “If you were to select another Tinsel character to play, which would you choose?” Secrets were unveiled! Everybody loves Angela, as Ihuoma Ejiofor confessed she would love to switch roles with Matilda Obaseki’s character. So who is Angela and what’s her story? Matilda said “I had to create a back story for Angela & develop her over the four years, so I can defend her anywhere.” Wow! Tinsel’s been on air for four years and has just celebrated 500 episodes. Surely, the writers of Tinsel play a huge part in the success it enjoys.

Oh my! You should have seen Shade Ladipo throw all of her journalistic beans to squeeze out on-set or off-set dirt from these Tinsel divas, but they just wouldn’t give up any. She gave up with a rhetorical which was of interest to Chude too. Where is you-know-who? Find out on the next recap of Rubbin’ Minds. Yes! I’m serious.

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