The Media Blog: RED TV might have its first hit on its hands

We’ll be honest. We had reservations about RED TV’s new reality/travel show, ‘Here and Now: The Adventures of TASA.’

But clearly, we either didn’t know what we were saying, or it didn’t matter at all, because it’s turning out to be the platform’s biggest hit thus far.

Sure, there’s been a concerted marketing push for the show – billboards across Lagos, a glitzy premiere event. But a lot of the content on RED TV has been marketed similarly, only to flounder with audiences.

As of today, the first episode, released 2 weeks ago, has just over 24,000 views. The second episode has amassed a little over 20,000 views, while the 3rd episode released 5 days ago has been viewed over 26,000 times.

To properly contextualize this, RED TV launched a year ago, and in that time, 110 videos have been uploaded for public viewing. Of those, the only videos which have amassed over 20,000 views are the first 4 episodes of Africa’s Next Top Model, all released a year ago, and a video inviting people to subscribe to the channel, released and pinned to its landing page 3 months ago.

So yeah, in a matter of two weeks, this new show has done numbers on par with the best performing material on the channel (save the first top model video which has 110,569 views, but, again, this was released a year ago.)

It might be a bit too early to tell if this will be sustained through the entire season, but we think things look promising anyway.

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