The Men’s Club; REDTV’s sleeper hit, returns for a much anticipated third season

The Men's Club

When Tola Odunsi started working on the Men’s Club, the sleeper hit from production company RED TV, only he could predict how big the show would become.

Relying on a rarely seen cocktail of raunch, debauchery and boys behaving badly as the core engine which drives the show, The Men’s Club depicts the men that are written about with much disdain on twitter threads and Instablog, rich, influential, successful and completely given to their own excesses and bonded by their friendships and driven by a moral code that confounds anyone else.

Turns out, Nigerians were tired of the carefully cobbled narratives about marriage and relationships that seemed to dominate other shows in the genre and were ready to binge on the kind of carnage the boys of the Men’s Corner leave in their wake. Tola Odunsi overwhelmingly delivers.

Two stellar seasons of excess driven tv later, the fan base has grown to include men and women who show their support by demanding new episodes and participating in challenges, even going as far as charting the promo song done by Efa Iwara and Ayo Olla (both of whom were career musicians before they made their segues into acting full time on shows just like the Men’s Club).

Etim Effiong and Baaj Adebule, who some would describe as serious actors, round out the core cast, reprising their roles this season. The supporting cast is just as impressive, Folu Storms, Sharon Ooja and the absolute steal in Shaffy Bello, who brings the show’s first true cougar storyline. A role in which Shaffy can truly let loose and indulge the cougar fantasies that fans seem to project on her is a rare privilege we should all savour.

The stage is set, the boys are back and we are ready to binge some more.

Here’s the first episode.

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  1. You guys!!!! Right from the very first trailer of the show you(ynaija) predicted it won’t do well. There is absolutely nothing “sleeper” about it now. It’s a HIT and arguably the best tv series right now. The undertone as well leaves a funny taste. What does Efa and Baaje who are conisidered to be “serious” actors mean? That is rude. Anyway thanks for at least recognizing its a HIT.

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