Musicians, Alariwo, Ashionye, Bigiano, others make list of Top 10 Nigeria one-hit wonders

by Chi Ibe


HipHop World magazine has released a Top 10 list of the biggest one-hit wonders in the Nigerian music industry describing the people in that category as anyone who ‘blows up’ based on the success of a single song alone (more often than not, a debut song) particularly if the song was a major hit.

” After the ‘hit’, comes a plethora of shows, radio airplay, maybe a couple of features, and then…..silence – graveyard silence.

There might be many reasons for this silence, but this editorial isn’t about that. This editorial is about the ten biggest noise-makers that went silent.”

Check out the Top 10 list:

10. Soty: Soty kicks off our list at Number 10. This Southern belle serenaded our ears with “Malaria” way back in 2008. Simple lyrics (“Kpo Kpo Kpo…Open the door to your heart make I enter”), powerful song. We haven’t heard from Soty since.

9. LexyDoo: You don’t remember him? No surprises; let’s refresh your memory a bit. LexyDoo started out as one-half of Hip-Hop/R&B group ‘X-Appeal’. The other half was Jazzman Olofin.

LexyDoo went solo and released “Baby Ske Ske”. The song made enormous ripples, but it was the video that garnered the most attention; mostly for the dancing and high energy levels and it.

8. Alariwo: After the passing of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, the only other acts representing for that genre of music were sons Femi & Seun, Lagbaja and maybe Dede Mabiaku.

That was until Alariwo burst on to the scene with “Yawa Go Gas”. Despite multiple efforts, it’s been quite difficult for the crossover king to have the same amount of relevance he managed with his debut.

7. Ashionye: Starts out as member of girl band and then goes solo like the Plantashun Boiz and Destiny’s Child.

Her song “Dance for Me” dominated airwaves for a bit. The accompanying video was heralded for its dance moves and also for being very colourful. In an industry where there has always been a dearth of female acts, Ashionye showed a lot of promise.

Alas, it was not to be. These days, she’s more of an actress, and even had a brief stint on TV show ‘Tinsel’. To each his own eh

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6. Teeto: Also known as ‘Teeto Da Fire’. His song “Ma Je Ka Ja” was the jam back in the day. Way back in the day. At the time Teeto was also an OAP on Raypower FM. The song was so successful fans were calling on for Tito to concentrate fulltime on the music.

Luckily for him, he didn’t quit his day job.

5. JayRu: Featuring Wizkid on your song is almost a guaranteed formula for success. That formula definitely provided a solution for JayRu. Their collaboration was what birthed the song “Familiarity”.

“Ye ma form familiarity” was what the people were shouting, until JayRu went silent, and everybody also stopped forming familiarity.

4. Frank D’ Nero: Making the transition from producer to artiste is not always an easy one; just ask K-Solo and ID Cabasa. Only a handful of music acts have managed to balance both shifts. Before releasing “Cure my Crase”, Frank D’Nero was a relatively well known producer who had crafted beats for the likes of Timaya.

His debut single however took him to new heights. The thing about heights though is if you stop climbing or look back, you’re likely to fall.

3. Terry G at the height of his prowess was unstoppable. Every single track he laced with his ‘ginjah’ was a sure-fire hit. Think “Gbon Gbon”, “One by One”, “Free Madness”. So it was obviously a given that his production plus’s groovy voice was a recipe for success. later fell out with Terry G, and that was probably the beginning of the end. The singer released a follow-up (without Terry G), but “Jaiye Lo” couldn’t reach half the heights that “Pass me your Love” did, and that’s is here on our list, 2nd runner up.

2. Bigiano: Bigiano is another ex boy-band member (Triple B). The group members fall out and everybody forgets the group existed. Until Bigiano refreshes our memories with “Shayo”; then makes us forget all over again.

1.  Deebee: Deebee holds the notorious title of being Number One. Since releasing “Collabo” in 2008, nothing has been heard of him. He’s probably collaborating with other activities at the moment… let’s wait and see.

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