“My food drew my husband to me” – Matse Uwatse talks marriage & more

by S’ola Filani

When popular radio girl Matse Uwatse-Nnoli quit the radio world in 2013, shortly after her marriage, many thought it was the end of the road for her but nah; she has come out even stronger!

The ex-Radio girl has now followed her passion in food, photography, software developing and more…yea and more titles to come.

Months after she walked the aisle with the love of her life, she welcomed her first child, an adorable girl, Chimamanda.

In this celebrity interview with YNaija, Maste opens up on how growing up was like for her, marriage, having her first child, life after the radio and her many businesses.


How was growing up like for Matse?

Growing up was special. Plagued with a few family challenges but it was beautiful. My dad made sure we had the best of what he could afford. Good schools, camping etc. We didn’t lack for anything.


Four generations: Great Grandmum, Grandmum, mum and Chimmy

You have been off the social scene for a while now, why is that?

I had a baby and I tell you, babies are a handful. From the wee hours of the morning till late at night you have to be on standby especially if you are the kind of mum who doesn’t leave the handling of her baby to maids. My maid handles house chores etc but I especially care for my baby.  My baby is a bit grown, so I believe I will be making more appearances socially in the future.


What new project(s) are you working on?

Right now, I am running a food website; www.matsecooks.com and venturing into other food related businesses which involves packaged juices and spices.


Your impact in the Nigerian radio world still lingers on, what do you miss about the radio world?

What I miss the most are my fans. I still get messages on facebook, twitter, Instagram and on my blog till date of fans asking me when I will be back on air but I am still contemplating coming back. Let’s see what the future holds.


One happy family 🙂

How has life been since you quit the radio world?

Life away from radio has been peaceful. I guess I needed being off radio to revaluate my life. It made me closer to my husband and allowed me enough time with my new born and entire family. Instead of the fast paced life I was used to, I slowed down a bit and this has been great. It showed me other hidden talents that I had not explored. Now, apart from being a media personality, I am now an entrepreneur, a food blogger, photographer and a software developer. The titles keep coming. Lol


You enjoy cooking a lot, how did you grow to fall in love with it?

Before radio, cooking was and is my first love. I started cooking as a teenager. Baking all sorts of things in my mum’s kitchen and trying out different recipes. I taught my entire household as a teenager how to bake.

Nowadays, we find young ladies say “Any man I must marry must know how to cook” What is your take on this. 

I really don’t care about who knows how to cook in marriage. Anybody can do the cooking.

What is your advice to ladies of this generation who find it hard to cook or do not enjoy cooking.

A lady’s life is not all about the kitchen, if you love doing it, do it. If you can afford it, pay someone else to. There is more to life than cooking. Women nowadays are thinking beyond cooking. I do it because I love it but when I am forced to do something, I dislike that thing.

Was it your food that drew your husband to you (if not, what did)

No, it wasn’t my food that initially drew my husband to me but it was what made him appreciate me more. He initially liked me as a woman and enjoyed our intellectual banters before partaking in my culinary delights. My cooking sealed the deal though. lol

Readers would love to know about Matse’s love, proposal, wedding and honeymoon story 🙂

Love proposal ke! It wasn’t the traditional type of proposal. It came in between a conversation. We were talking and he suddenly said, “Let’s get married”. I was shocked and he repeated it. That was how the journey of a thousand miles started.

How have you been able to cope with a culture different from the one you grew up from (marrying a Non-Nigerian?)

My husband is half Nigerian. He is German/Ibo so he understands our culture quite well but has mostly western influence.

 Tell us about Chimmy. Was she named after Chimamanda Adichie?

Chimmy my sweetheart. We did not name her after Chimamanda Adichie per se. We, loved the meaning of the name which is, “My God will never fall or My God will never fail”. God has been too good to us, so we chose the name Chimamanda.

How did you feel when you carried her in your arms the very first time?

I was staring at her with so much pride. I was like, so this my baby…mineeee! It was and still is a wonderful experience.

How soon should Chimmy expect a baby sister/brother?

Chimmy’s brother or sister will come when we are ready. Kids are a handful.


 The beautiful piece you shared on instagram last year, on how God changed your story, encouraged many on holding on to hope. How would you advise single ladies who are over-ripe for marriage to deal with the pressure from family, friends, and society?

I would advice all single ladies to be focused on their inner and outer selves and not get distracted or worried about what friends, family and frenemies have to say. Marriage is not the ultimate. I am not saying this because I am now married.


Enjoy yourselves while single, have fun, party if you wish, travel to all corners of the world if you can afford it because when you get married you may not have that kind of spontaneous freedom again. You now have a partner you have to plan even the most minute of details with. When the babies come, it’s extra planning.


You can’t just get up and travel. You need to consider the needs of your family first but marriage has it’s blessings, you have a partner to go through the ups and downs with, to share special moments with, to plan and achieve with, to raise a family with, to grow old with. Being single and being married is beautiful, so enjoy the stage that you are at. If you are divorced, don’t worry yourself out. It’s a period to re-evaluate your life and move forward. Every stage in life has it’s beauty.


How does one balance being a career woman and the home front?


Balancing your career and the home front is not easy. I tell you something’s gotta give. You can never have them both, you either excel in one or the other but you can manage them both and leave the rest to God.


What words do you have for your radio fans that miss you?!

To my fans I say, be the best that you can be at all times. There is no hiding place for a gold fish.



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