Naeto C on life, music and why school is cool

What inspired ‘Ako mi ti poju’?
It was one of those songs that wasn’t really planned. I was once having a chat with Dokta
Frabz (who produced the song) in the studio. At the time, it seemed as though everyone was
using the word ‘swag’. I wanted to capture the essence of the word without necessarily using
it. Frabz told me that in Yoruba, ‘swag’ meant ‘ako’, and that ‘too much swagger’ was ‘ako
mi ti poju’. I liked it, and thought it would work well with people. That’s how we ended up
recording the song.
What’s the best thing you’ve done to show that your ‘ako ti poju’?
I don’t like to praise myself so that’s a difficult question to answer. However one of the
things I’m proudest of is completing my masters in Economics at the University of Dundee. I
respect intellectual achievements, so my Masters degree makes me feel a lot more confident
in myself.
You were doing very well in Music so why did you feel the need to go back to school?
I’m more than music. I have other interests, so I have refused to restrict my growth and
aspirations to the sphere of music. Also, it never hurts to create more options for yourself,
and going back to school has done that for me.
What else have you been up to lately?
Right now I’m very focused on my music, trying to release a successful second album.
And when are you dropping this album?
I’d love for it to come out in October, but I need to make sure we’re done with recording,
mixing and mastering properly before I can make it available.
Apart from Sosick, who else is producing on your album?
Dokta Frabz, TY Mix, Terry G, J Slick, and some others.
Which artistes are you collaborating with?
Omawumi, Waje, and some others that I’m not at liberty to disclose. I’d like to surprise
everyone, so you won’t know who’s going to be on the album until it’s released.
What’s the best thing about being Naeto C?
I’m glad to be alive, and I’m grateful for the privilege of being a known musician in Nigeria.
It’s the simple things that I really admire about my life.
The World Famous Academy (WFA) has been off the radar for a while now. What’s up
with it?
The WFA was founded by Ikechukwu, so I can’t speak about the exact reason
why. I’m primarily focused on school and Cerious Music, the Naeto C brand.

Which of your collaborations would you say is your best?
My most memorable collaboration was my first collaboration.

When did you get into music and why?
It was after my first degree. It started out as a past time that I thought I could make a little
money from.
What else are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about what I believe in and my loved ones.

What’s your favourite place to chill?
My ideal hangout has to be my house. I like to chill at home.

Of all your songs, which one is your favourite?
I don’t have any because I have a special relationship with every one of my songs. Each
expresses a different aspect of my life.

Rewind to about five or ten years ago. What’s changed in the music industry in
It’s remarkable how the industry has grown in such a short time. And for some of us who
have contributed to its growth, it’s something that we are proud of. I know that it’s going to
continue to grow and I’m glad to be a part of it.

What’s your vision for the industry?
I see an industry that is monetized for the benefit of the artistes, producers and all the
professionals who continue to contribute to putting out great music. I see an industry without
piracy. And I see us being recognized beyond the African continent for different genres of

What else do want your fans to know about you?
I think my fans know all they’re supposed to know about me.
The rumour about you and Omowunmi Akinnifesi, former MBGN. Are they true?
I like to keep my personal life personal. Anyone can cook up a story about me, but if it’s true,
I will never deny it. If it isn’t, I’ll just ignore it.

So are you dating Omowunmi?
That’s what I’m saying; if a rumour isn’t true, I will ignore, because there is no point in
giving credibility to a lie.

Is marriage in the near future for you?
I don’t know. Quite frankly I don’t think we’re in the position to determine certain things
about our lives, like when we get married.

We’ve been hearing about ‘School is Cool’. What’s it all about?
‘School is Cool’ is a campaign that is still under construction. But it is a youth empowerment
programme with the basic aim of encouraging young Nigerians to stay in school. We believe
that knowledge is power; that knowledge is key. We want to communicate knowledge as
something that when acquired, makes you cool. We’re still strategizing, planning, and trying
to accurately articulate our message.

Any political ambitions for the future?
I don’t think I’ll have any political ambitions in the next five to ten years. I think I still have a
lot to learn and achieve before I can represent my people on a higher platform.

Who is your role model?
Definitely my mother.

How about your father?
I love him. We have a very great relationship.
What inspires Naeto C?
The good things of life, positive energy, miracles from God. Those are the kind of things that
get me going.

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  2. Great! About time too.
    Naeto C might be the one in a looong list of them, who begins to win my admiration in his industry, after all.
    He got to me on his stand on Political Ambitions, Role Model, Family and Inspirations. Great ideals.
    I'm really craning my neck to see 'School is Cool' take shape, come alive, and hit target!
    Well done C!!!

  3. Naeto C. Very impressed, especially with his thoughts about school. Fantastic guy!

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  5. Naeto is the Ish! I love the new 10/10 song!

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