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Ado AminuJuly 5, 2021

Ableist language could be eroding the wins of Nigerians Living with Disabilities

There are many ways the systemic exclusion and oppression of people living with disabilities manifest in everyday life.  It is ...

Ado AminuJuly 2, 2021

Workplace sexual harassment is too prevalent to ignore – STER survey finds

If you have ever been in a mixed-gender space where sexual violence is the topic of discourse you will notice ...

Ado AminuJuly 1, 2021

3 Nigerian mothers share their reaction to their children coming out as gay and why

In order not to mar the celebration of LGBT Pride – which we did with a series of multimedia content ...

Wilfred OkicheJune 30, 2021

Film Review: Joy, pain, defiance in HBO’s The Legend of the Underground

The infamous Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act signed into law in 2014 revealed the cowardice of the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency. ...

Ado AminuJune 30, 2021

#PrideMonth: Long distance Relationships as an Aesthetic of Queer Love

By Damilola Aremo A few months ago, someone had asked a question on Twitter. It was one of those question-type ...

Ado AminuJune 30, 2021

#PrideMonth Special: True story of two men who thought they could love openly

By Omoleye Omoruyi “Ade! What are you saying? Tell me, what are you saying?” Ade’s mom shouted on top of ...

Ado AminuJune 29, 2021

#PrideMonth: Raising queer children takes more than a village

By Yinka Seth My brother came home one day, worry etched on his face. His face was a pimpled mess ...

Ado AminuJune 28, 2021

#PrideMonth: Love will liberate us

By Ado Aminu Aminu In exploring love, we often fixate unhealthily on one kind of love – romantic love. It ...

Michael IsaacJune 26, 2021

#PrideMonth: Violence in Same-Sex Relationships – An epidemic yet invisible

The pointless wailings of homophobia in Nigeria – perpetrated by state and non-state actors – notwithstanding, the reality that two people ...

Op-ed EditorJune 25, 2021

#PrideMonth: The Gospel of the Nigerian Messiah, as told to me by the Lord Himself

By Kanyinsola Olorunnisola When the boy was five, when he first learned about Jesus Christ, about a white man performing ...

Ado AminuJune 25, 2021

#PrideMonth: YNaija Non-Binary Chat in conversation with Occultist Eniitan

Religion is mostly ideologies mankind depends on to mitigate a world that can feel daunting to process even on our ...

Bernard DayoJune 23, 2021

#PrideMonth: Validating queer love in the ‘closet’

Amplifying LGBTQ voices have been part of YNaija’s content ethos since 2017. And with this year’s Pride themed as Loving ...

Ado AminuJune 22, 2021

#WorldHumanistDay: Saving Nigeria is everyone’s business including the irreligious

On paper, Nigeria is a secular state. A budding multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural democracy brimming with potential. We have the ...

Ado AminuJune 21, 2021

#PrideMonth: Non-Binary Chat discusses pointers in building your own affirming family as a queer person

Picture this: a friendship of 22 years dissolves into, “Just to be safe, I will sleep in the parlour.” Just ...

Op-Ed EditorJune 19, 2021

#PrideMonth: Boihood; Personal Triumphs of Being in Community With Bois

By Alexandra Maduagwu Boi has a variety of meanings. For this piece, which relates to masculine women or women-aligned people, ...

Op-ed EditorJune 17, 2021

#PrideMonth: Love is everything but love; a queer Muslim man’s experience with love

By Phaysal Phagge It is difficult to write about love when everything you know about it has been anything but, ...

Ado AminuJune 16, 2021

The ‘dos and don’ts’ of supporting a marginalised group

On any other day it will make all the sense in the world to simply say, “Support marginalised groups,” and ...

Ado AminuJune 15, 2021

Nigeria’s Twitter ban affects LGBT+ Nigerians worse than other Nigerians

A lot has been said about the consequences of the Twitter ban in Nigeria with regards to its impact on ...

Op-Ed EditorJune 10, 2021

#PrideMonth: The Sacristy, Sex and Sexuality; A personal essay on self-acceptance

By Marian Nwakolo Growing up, I was the child who dragged her parents to school to fight the management for ...

Ado AminuJune 10, 2021

What it means when we tell LGBT+ Nigerians: “Keep it to yourselves, no one cares”

If you have ever had the strength to challenge a Nigerian to a discourse on their complacency in the systemic ...

Ado AminuJune 8, 2021

We can learn a thing or two about slut-shaming from Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay

There is power in language we often fail to recognise because of how easily language seems to come to us. ...

EditorJune 7, 2021

#PrideMonth: Introducing ‘Loving in Colour – The Heart of Defiance’ | A #YNaijaSpecial

By Ayodele Olofintuade When Non-binary writer, Ado Aminu approached me to collaborate with YNaija to curate this year’s Pride Month ...

Ado AminuJune 7, 2021

We can learn a thing or two from Nigeria’s Twitter ban

In the wake of the federal government arbitrarily banning Twitter in Nigeria, the bulk of the conversation being had is ...

Ado AminuJune 4, 2021

Lack of accessibility may be pushing Nigerians to self-diagnose mental illness, but it doesn’t have to be the only way

However slow going, the conversation on mental illness continues to shift from the dark place of shame and silence it ...

Ado AminuJune 3, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s restriction on loudspeakers in mosques is worth emulating in Nigeria

If you have ever lived in the heart of Kano – as I have – you know intimately what I ...

Ado AminuJune 2, 2021

International Sex Worker’s Day: Access to justice for sex workers should be our responsibility

One thing sex workers in Nigeria know on any given day is that access to justice is a pipe dream ...

Ado AminuJune 2, 2021

YNaija Non-Binary Chat tackles the question, “What is the place of gay Muslims in the eyes of Allah (SWT)?”

There are many ways to be a Muslim LGBT+ person, but I have only ever allowed myself to contemplate either ...

Ado AminuJune 1, 2021

What does Pride mean to you? 4 LGBT+ Nigerians share

Whatever celebrating LGBT+ pride may mean to you, there is one element that run through each individual meaning – defiance, ...

Ado AminuMay 31, 2021

Constitutional review | Nigeria’s 9th Senate has a chance to shine as champions of inclusion

Nigeria has for the longest time paid lip service to inclusion – of women, the disabled, children and gender and ...

Ado AminuMay 29, 2021

Gender roles, Sharia in South West, Demolition respectability | Top non-binary tweets we saw from Nigeria last week

The task of documenting the trajectory of conversation on non-binary issues – sexuality, gender, mental and emotional health, faith and ...

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