Now’s the time to plan: 17 tips on how to give your Valentine a blast


Write yourself a love letter. Give yourself plenty of compliments and say all the things you want someone to say to you.

We’ve just finished Christmas. A season where we put ourselves through a lot of pressure to get it right; the gifts, the meal, spending time with all parts of the family so no one feels slighted, the decorations. Now that it’s finally over, we have another pressure filled day to look forward to – Valentine’s. If you’re in a couple, there’s the pressure to make it a special, romantic, sexy day. If you’re single, it can turn into a depressing day reminding you of your aloneness.

I say, take the pressure off. Have some fun with it. Whether you’re single or coupled, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the day with very little effort.


1. Buy chocolate, flowers or a card for a single friend or co-worker. Don’t sign it and find a way to watch them open it and enjoy the reaction. Try not to laugh and give away your location! It will give them a boost and you’ll feel great.

2. Do fun winter activities like tobogganing, making snow angels or a snowball fight with friends or your kids. Find a way to play.

3. Stand at a busy bus stop – down town or at a hub – and give out roses to strangers. Enjoy the smiles, quizzical looks and thank yous. They’ll definitely have something to talk about when they get home.

4. Make a handmade card for someone special – partner or friend. Do cut outs and glitter like you did when you were a kid.

5. Bake cookies and take them to the local firehouse. Be sure to flirt a little!

6. Volunteer at a shelter kitchen. At Christmas, the kitchens are swamped with volunteers. They need help all year long. Take along some necessities to donate such as socks, mitts or blankets. Share some of your good fortune with others.

7. Volunteer at the humane society and take some puppies out for a walk. Or, if you can resist temptation, just go and hang out and pet some furry creatures. Enjoy the cuddles and purrs.

8. Take goofy pictures of yourself and post them online. Put some up on a dating site and see what kind of response you get. You might be surprised. At the very least you’ll have a giggle. Be sure to only do the dating site post if you’re single!

9. Write yourself a love letter. Give yourself plenty of compliments and say all the things you want someone to say to you. Whether you’re in a relationship or not this will help you remember how lovable and wonderful you are.

10. Get some single friends together and watch a goofy movie. Stay away from anything romantic or sappy. Go for the laugh. The more absurd the better.


1. Flirt with a stranger. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, there’s no harm in flirting. It makes the flirtee feel good and its fun!

2. Buy something new and exciting. A cleavage bearer or corset, a hot new scent, sexy shoes, great ass jeans or some bling. Enjoy showing off to friends and strangers alike.

3. Go out commando. Enjoy having your little secret. Girls, please be aware if you’re wearing a skirt. Keep it your secret!

4. Stay in for a meal with a friend or loved one. Have sexy food – sauces, fruit, chocolate. Eat it slowly and sensually. Use your tongue to bring the food to your mouth. Share with your friend. Even if you’re not lovers, this can be a blast whether you’re giggling or looking longingly at each other.

5. Sorry, this one does require a partner. Go to the movies and make out. Go back to your youth and remember what it was like to have that anticipation where you would neck for extended periods of time. Make sure the movie is something neither of you really want to see. A cheap theatre weekday matinee is great for this.

6. Pick up a new plaything. Whether it’s for alone or couple play, take a bit of a risk. Be sure to choose high quality as there’s nothing worse than cheap toys.

7. Have a bath and use your new toy – if you bought a waterproof one. If not, well, you know what to do!

Above all, have fun on Valentine’s Day no matter your relationship status. You deserve it!

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