Why does Obasanjo keep talking and talking?

by Roqeebah Olaoniye

Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo has been in the News lately with various conflicting quotes to show. The conspiracy theorists in us have been awakened and the question we’d like answered is why the old man won’t just stop talking already!

Bogus claims

Last week at a reception held in his honour in Taraba State, the former President made shocking declarations about how he and a few other Nigerians handpicked Buhari to be President in order to save us, as a country from going into extinction.

He said:

Three or four other of us from different part of the country got together and said to ourselves what do we do? We said what is the problem with us and why are we still not growing. We got talking and knew we needed to do something. What do we need to deal with for this Nigeria of ours to become what God has created it to be? A land flowing with milk and honey, that is the intention of God for creating Nigeria.”

The result of their brainstorming apparently was bringing Buhari into power at the last elections. He went on to add that the president is yet to disappoint us.

“So far, Buhari has not disappointed us. I trust him (Buhari), he will not fail Nigerians. I know he will overcome the challenges the country is currently facing,” he said

Obasanjo denies making claim that he and few other persons got together to bring President Buhari into power.

He said:

“I was astounded by media reports quoting me to have said that I and a few other persons brought President Buhari to power to save Nigeria. I never said that because it is not true. Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for the president and we are all witnesses to that fact. No single person or group can claim that glory.”

This coming on the heels of the bold declarations credited to him last week leaves us wanting for what to think.
Pressure on buhari to begin investigations against obasanjo

Just yesterday, Joseph Waku, a former Chairman of Senate Committee on Water Resources said the Buhari-led anti-corruption campaign will be incomplete if Obasanjo isn’t probed. He alleged that the former President was the one who introduced corruption to Nigeria and declared the current administration might as well forget its anti-corruption campaign if it doesn’t probe Obasanjo.

While one might be tempted to argue the veracity of Senator Waku’s claims, we cannot help but remember that Buhari had himself already made similar claims in the past. Far back in 2011, in a TV interview, Buhari claimed that if he was voted into power, would probe both Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan especially as regards monies expended on generating power.

All of these to say that former President Obasanjo might be coming on a line of fire soon but the question on our minds is if he knows this, why won’t he stop talking?

Trying to keep Nigeria united?

A statement credit to Obasanjo yesterday has us wondering why he thinks we might be on the brink of disunity. During a courtesy call to the governor as part of his four-day private visit to Taraba state, the former president is reported to have warned us about keeping the country unified.

It’s hard to tell what the premise is here considering the fact that the purpose of his visit to Taraba remains undisclosed but going by the reasons he gave for his recent endorsement  of a new movie, ’76, we might not be wrong to assume the former President has been a bit disturbed lately owing to ominous feeling of Nigeria’s disunity he has been experiencing.

Whatever the case though, all of these point to the fact that something might be up and former President Olusegun Obasanjo is desperately trying to avoid it. But is it by constantly talking?

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