Onyeka Nwelue can’t sing The God Symphony

by Onyeka Nwelue

Editor’s Note: These opinions are Nwelue’s opinions strictly. YNaija.com does not share this opinion in any way even though it sees itself as a marketplace for all ideas.

I’ve never understood the Concept of God. It is amusing and at once, charming. I’m awed at anyone who came up with such School of Thought. He must have been a very brilliant person. However, in my opinion, he helped propagate lies and deceit. These two things have swallowed up the world. Of course, even if the theory of a supernatural dude is real, it doesn’t mean he’s a GUY. I generally feel the concept is flawed, completely flawed. It is annoying to people like me when you think of some Big Brother who sits on some golden throne, staring at the world with his left hand under his chin, smiling.

The very first day I moved into the seminary, (Mother said they had a vision that I would become a Priest), I began to doubt the idea of a God that controls the events of the physical world, because I felt he really doesn’t know the world to even control it. Let us break it down this way: the seminarians are not saints, but they are meant to be saints. They are meant to bless the communion you take during services and masses, but what happens after all? They turn around to be ghosts and beasts. They are like viruses. They ‘weed’ behind the dormitories while prayers are going on. They throw shit, wrapped in nylon from rooftops and the young boys become sex machines to young female teachers, especially the sexually repressed Youth Corps who always wanted to have them at home. Of course, these are supposed men of God. On Sundays, the Chapel Prefect who had molested a junior student sexually walks up to the pulpit to preach about hell to the same sets of students he keeps molesting and bullying.

And a God is watching!

I don’t care about how many people will hate me for this, but let me tell you something: I’m tired of all the defenders of God trying to make me look foolish. Yes, someone will say only a fool believes in his heart that there’s no God. I don’t know of any God that will create something he won’t like. Seriously, I won’t be a lord and never watch over my folk. It is never done. So, the defenders of God just wait and answer all the questions I will pose to you. I know you will answer and I know you will say they ARE what God wants. How so? How come even men know God’s thoughts? It is interesting. So, I want to ask these questions.

Why do beggars beg in the name of God when they have a GOD that can actually solve their problems? Why did those jobless guys in front of Tribeca say that if I give them God will make me rich when they are SO poor? Why does God let people kill women and children, his weak creatures? Why can’t God heal an amputee? Why do people kill in the name of God and he can’t do anything about it? Why does God like to be thanked with money called offering? Why is there a fixed date to ‘worship’ God? Does God believe in any God? Why is God invisible? Why is he inaccessible?

These are obviously questions from someone who wants to know God. Yes, I want to know God. I want to find him. I want to be convinced about his existence. Not possible? Then, I’ll let it be.

And for God to exist, then someone created Him, because his defenders always say that everything has a beginning. So, what is the beginning of God? Is the beginning of God Genesis? Did Man create God then and then said that God said, ‘Let there be light and there was light.’? Dammit. Hate me. Kill me. The God Symphony is a lame one. I can’t sing to it. It is annoying and it doesn’t work for people like me.

I’m tired of trying to ‘keep my opinions’ to myself as most Christians (because Moslems don’t care when I show my hate for GOD) always want me to. As if Christians ‘keep their opinions to themselves’?

When Jos happened, I asked questions and they said God knows the best. I think the guys with matchets and guns know the best. So, dearest defenders of God, get a rope and try to strangle me anytime you see me.

I was reading a magazine recently and a certain demented celebrity was asked a question: Do you believe in God? And the demented celebrity gave a very demented answer which was: ‘Oh, I’m so Nigerian, so I believe in God.’ You believe in God because you are Nigerian? That is the most interesting answer I’ve got in my entire life. Maybe not yet. But so far.

Nevertheless, it is true. I’m atheist, living with people who don’t know what they believe in. They believe because they were born to. They believe because they feel they can only find happiness and calmness with it. They believe because they don’t want to regret at the end. They are scared of the Unknown and I call them the Followers of Fear!

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  1. Onyeka, I felt anger n then pity after reading this but on second tot these are unnecessary emotions to display. Instead, I am going to pray to God that you will encounter the Holy Spirit soon and by His grace u will have a different mindset about God and the way he operates and when this happens you will come back and write about it, cos in my opinion u are influencing a lot of pple negatively. In addition, some of the points and arguments u raised are in all honesty not well tot out like Ayobami said. It is well with u.

  2. The writer is suffering from an un-identified brain disease. He is not intelligent at all. He should go and learn how atheist argue. I would have given him a rejoinder, but there are no points made here to counter.

  3. Dear Mr Nwelue,
    It is not necessary for you or anyone for that matter to sing the God symphony. Each individual should stick to what s/he believes in.
    On the other hand, we must respect other people's beliefs even when we don't share them, it is simply the civil thing to do. In as much as such beliefs do not encroach on the rights of others, there is no need for you to disparage those who do believe just as it is unnecessary for those who do believe to insult you because you don't. There is nothing wrong with putting an argument forward to support your stance and no one is asking you to keep your opinions to yourself. It is crucial that belief systems be challenged and reexamined.
    However, your arguments need to be better thought out. The name calling you resort to in you final line is uncalled for and beneath a piece that hopes to be taken seriously.

  4. Denying God is like denying that gravity exists, yet we all function by the law of gravity. We don't all understand it, but our ignorance of it does not make it any less real. There are many of us who are so intimate with God more than a man can be with his wife, it is such a pity to read this lamentation you have written. Maybe you have been asking questions and looking for answers in the wrong places. If there is any question you have about God, I can answer it for you. Just remember, there is a God who knows and loves you very much and has a lot planned for you.

  5. The article is a very interesting one. While i do not share in my friend Onyeka Nwelue's views, i wish him all the best in his advocacy and outreach on why the God belief is a charade. I believe in God, and i respect all my friend's who don't. Its just the tolerance principle at work. I don't interact with individuals based on religious beliefs or affiliation, but there overall personality and the good they have to offer.

  6. Its very good that you have these questions. Many are facts and not even questions. It takes a lot of time to answer all this so I'll just try to answer what I can. Fact is most of these people are just religious and don't actually know God. Like that Celebrity, "they believe in God because they are Nigerian." or some silly reason like that.

    Christianity is not supposed to be a religion, it is constant fellowship with God. A steady relationship with constant communication with God. Without that relationship, you'll just be following a set of rules and thats religion. At best with that u'll end up with good morals and at worse killing ppl claiming it's in the name of God and other hypocritical acts you mentioned. I recommend you watch this to understand a bit more on what im talking about here "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA6Pnqu86oE"

    Fact is I also grew up with this questions and not having them answered. I grew tired of "churching" and stopped going to church. Bout 8 years later I went looking again. I decided to try and truly know God and I wanted to do it the way He says we should. I wanted to do this so that if I'm living my life anyway I please I could say "At least I went searching the way God asked us to and still didn't find Him" And I would be able to live how I want with a clear conscience. The way God says to find Him is first beliving Jesus died so I can stop sinning and stop being evil (which is a thing that comes naturally to humans. i.e lying, stealing, killing, homosexuality etc) and then reading the bible while believing that. You dont know God just by going to church unless He chooses to meet you that way. The proper way is to seek Him through His word. Even after knowing God I wasn't going to church because I was tired of religion. There's a whole lot more to the story but I'll stop here because I can go on typing so much that you wouldn't bother reading it.

    This is a site that can answer some of your sincere questions on christianity – gotquestions.org
    but even with this if you don't know God for yourself (and not through a pastor or mentor or whatever), if you dont have that intimacy with Him, if you don't have His Holy Spirit in you, you can't know Him for real and prolly can't answer most of those questions. I encourage you to watch that video and use that website.
    A God servant

  7. …What do you have to say about charms, evil spirits, and black magic. Do you believe the devil and evil exists? If yes. Why is it so hard for you to believe in God. A priest is only human…and is capable of the worst, you don't have to base your disbelief on the fallibility of Men of God. If truly, there is harmful spiritual evil…then there is God. People do have these doubts in there heart due to the same unanswerable questions you raised but they still believe. It is not hypocrisy and not fear. I have heard many times that ex-seminarians do not believe in God…it seems true, because I have a cousin who was one and has doubts much more than the layman does. If you believe in the existence of any powers that are more than physical, there is no reason why you should not believe in GOD!

  8. Onyeka, this is a great defense of your belief and disbelief. The existence of God is a mystery no one should try to unravel…I believe in God, not fear because I have always felt his presence, even when I sin and preach at the same time. There is a God who loves you, take it way you see it, or see it the way you take it. It's your choice…and I must commend your courage in the search for the truth, please search from within, not from historical evidence.

  9. I can only appreciate as usual, d literary prowess, den wish for something more "unexpected" from d writer.. Wale, let's nt enter d muslims fight o, or u'l state a good defense 4 jos n co

  10. …mmm…well, well, well, the last paragraph was quite convincing…well, I think the muslims have no problem with some one being an atheist because they also want to live in peace, the only ones that the muslims disturb in defense are the ones that equally disturb them…PLEASE LET EVERY ONE LIVE IN PEACE!!!…only then will the world know peace…

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