Opinion: ACN/PDP two sides of same coin

by Macdonald Nwajagu



Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a complete reflection of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) in the way they handle party affairs.

The average Nigerian is distraught after 13 years of misrule by the Peoples Democratic Party at the centre of governance. After the initial jubilation of emancipation from military & dictatorial rule a breath of fresh air was welcomed, but at the end of the first term of civilian governance a new reality was setting within the psyche of Nigerians: “We are not better off.” Consequent on this and the PDP’s quest and thirst to hang on to power for personal and primordial gains, the Nigerian people completely rejected the PDP as a party, blaming it for all the woes of the nation.

The Action Congress of Nigeria was assembled on the grounds of political convenience & opportunism and then positioned itself as a credible and viable alternative to the misrule of PDP. Nigerian welcomed the thought of “A vote for any party other party than PDP.” It is on the wings of this sentiment the ACN made daring entrance and captured most of the Western States and Edo State.

In all honesty, can anyone boast of an ideological and institutional differences between PDP & ACN? Their disdain for internal democracy within their parties and respect of the rule of law is evident and well documented. The superficial difference between both parties is their size and ACN’s effective use of spin masters.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a complete reflection of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) in the way they handle party affairs. In fact the ACN as is presently organized is “a one man’s political organization.” I am scared of ACN taking over the federal government because it would be worse than the PDP.

There is a proverb that says, “A man who sells his dog to buy a monkey because he wants an animal that walks on two legs has not made any meaningful bargain.” PDP and ACN are just two sides of the same coin. Tired as Nigerians may be of PDP misrule, the ACN is not a viable & credible alternative. Chronicling their devious activities would make this article endless.

The propaganda machinery of the ACN & financial and political muscle of the PDP would come into play come 2015 and in the end Nigerians should be wise enough to choose credible candidates over party affiliation. Lies would be told, endless and non feasible promises made but in the end we as Nigerians must keep our eyes open and our mind alert to decipher their gimmickry.


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  1. The writer is entitled to his own opinion. Two sides of a coin? Yeah, that's the politics of it. I believe the writer chose a blind spot in the substance of their differences which is governance and capitalised solely on their similarities which is politics like every other party around. I think this is all about the process candidate selection without considering the quality and what the candidate has to offer which is the difference between the two.

  2. That is true ACN style – propaganda, lies, pretence and gimmickry.

  3. Oj, what MacDonald is saying is that, a performer will be one, regardless of his party affiliation. Obasanjo had a 13yr cycle in which his imposing ways, ran the reputation of PDP to the ground. Thankfully Obj's cycle is over. Tinubu's cycle in A.C.N is about to begin. They are both 6 and half a dozen.

  4. Obasanjo's powers have been limited and he is being phased out of PDP, so there is light at the end of the tunnel for PDP. Tinubu on the other hand, is just coming into his own, with his loyal flock still sucking up to him like sheep. At this stage, I will go with PDP any day.

  5. Thank you MacDonald for this well thought out article. I strongly share your opinion. The A.C.N is mostly a gathering of pretentious bandits who want to deceive Nigerians under the cloak of 'progressives'. Like you rightly pointed out, the Nigerian voter should focus more on individuals than party affiliations. All our political parties are one and the same. But if I had to go with any party, I'll take my chances with the PDP. The reason PDP is so divided is that their are many elements within the party who have some integrity and credibility and continue to resist being lorded over by egocentrics like Obasanjo or other non-performing candidates. What happened in Oyo State in 2011 is a clear indication of this. Some PDP chieftains in the likes of Balogun, Adeojo and co, stood up against the maladministration of the Akala era. Just a few days ago, Tambuwal stood up to Mr President sounding words of caution and advice. It has become clear to many now, that it isn't business as usual within the PDP. With time & support of the Nigerian public, the good eggs within PDP will become the majority & sanitise the party of the remaining bag eggs. Unlike the A.C.N that is just starting off & still living under the negative influence of Tinubu. Nigerians must not waste a further 13yrs, only to discover the A.C.N is a worse group.

  6. OJ, people like you are the real problem in this country, can't MacDonald have an opinion? Must you insult? I'm tried of reading comments on Nigeria's Cybersphere these days, so many trolls.

    I agree with the writer, voting en-mass for ACN will create a behemoth that will be worse than the PDP.

    Nigeria is ill and in need of radical treatment.

  7. McDonald, the likes of you are the bigger problems. Your argument is idiotic. Am sure according to you, Fashola is a terrible governor because is in ACN

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